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Highchair/Car Seat strops

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Lea2003 Sat 19-Mar-05 15:11:19


Does anyone have some advice regarding problems strapping into highchair/car seats etc.

My daughter is 17 months and hates being strapped in unless it suits her. Some days are ok but mostly hellish. She arches her back screams and obviously wriggles away. It all ends with me either waiting until she nearly sits down and strapping her in whilst holding her down. This doesn't make things any easier for next time.

Obviously I can't not strap her in - nothing has ever happened in the car seat to frighten her but the only thing I have done was maybe too enthusiasticly put food in her mouth when she didn't want any.

LIZS Sat 19-Mar-05 15:37:09

I think many kids do this at around that age - dd certainly did - they are starting to become aware of themselves as individuals and this is one way of asserting their independence behaving as if it is almost an affront. You can either continue as you are doing , biding your time and waiting for her to be ready, or insist upon it on grounds of safety and use a little force if need be, which may fall on deaf ears atm but will ultimately do you a favour. Mine never have kicked off since about being strapped into a car seat and panic if we inadvertently assume the other has already done it and get into the driver's seat.

Good luck

Lea2003 Sat 19-Mar-05 15:46:50

Thanks Lizs - I felt really guilty about putting the bit in about feeding dd - thought it was all my fault. I spose I'll just have to keep trying!!


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