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18 month check up

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MUSA Wed 16-Mar-05 17:47:37

Can anyone tell me what happen's in the 18 month check up?, i am so worried that they will tell me that there is somethinhg wrong with my ds. As he does'nt walk nor can he talk not a single word.

I am dreading tomorrow.

Clayhead Wed 16-Mar-05 22:52:51

My ds failed his last week (can't walk).

Basically, they ask you loads of questions, they don't really look at the child too much (if it is the same as the 2 I've done).

I was asked:

- how does he sleep?
- how does he eat?
- does he walk?
- can he make a mark on paper with a crayon?
- can he understand a simple command?
- does he have any words?
- do you think he has any problems with his hearing/sight

Also, this is an 18 - 24 month check so many babies do not do everything at the lower limit.

My dd was a late walker too, she's fine now but, if you are worried, then it is a time to get some referrals if you think it's needed.

Good luck.

HandbagAddiction Fri 18-Mar-05 09:07:36

Musa - what happened at the check? Did everything go OK?

CelluliteQueen Fri 18-Mar-05 19:06:18

Is this 18 month old check an automatic thing? My DS is 19.5m and we haven't been called for one. He seems fine in all the other "departments" that you mentioned Clayhead but is not saying one single coherent word.

MUSA Sun 20-Mar-05 10:28:43

HandBagAdditon, thanks everything did go ok, the doctor said well how does he move about i said he is a bum shuffler. she said that they take longer to walk. And about not talking well, she said as long as his babbling on he is fine. which he does.

His motor skills are good, maybe im worrying to much, i no all children are different, but my sil loves to rub it in. we both had children 3 weeks apart her child walks and talks. She really does get to me, i have got to the point where i even have stopped going round there.

This is my husbands brother's wife.

cp3 Sun 20-Mar-05 10:42:36

My ds is 18 months too nd we havent had a call for his check yet.he is a complete baby to most 18 month boys ive seen. He has walked from 10 months but he cant talk. Its all still baby babble. This thread has reassurred me now as i was getting worried. Just goes to show how they all develop diffrently, the main thing to remember is they all get there in the end!!!!!

jane313 Sun 20-Mar-05 22:15:22

In my area I think they do a 2-2 1/a yr check. Thats what it says in the red book

jane313 Sun 20-Mar-05 22:15:43

oops 2- 2.5

jamiesam Sun 20-Mar-05 22:30:37


In my area they do a check at 18mths but ds (20 mths) hasn't been called for his yet. Am not worried. He is progressing averagely. Is pretty slow to speak, like his older brother. It will come.

(Friend demanded referral for her ds at 18mths who was slow to speak. Speech therapist said, hmm, yes, he is a bit slow, lets see him again in a year! By which time of course he wouldn't shut up!)

HandbagAddiction Mon 21-Mar-05 10:30:44

Musa, glad it all went OK. For what it's worth (and you and I have traded posts on this before) my 18 month old dd also does not walk yet. Bum shufles at speed, pulls up, cruisesand is happy to walk when you hold her hands, but nothing else yet. My HV and doctor are also not concerned as the main thing they have both said is that she is mobile and will get to what she wants - so the walking will come with time.

As a difference to your ds though - she does talk - most is still babble, but there are also about 25 words. This is much more than many of her peers in nursery who, like you ds, are still just babbling.

Will keep you posted on the walking progress - so hoping it happens soon as my back is killing me!!

MUSA Mon 21-Mar-05 12:31:35

HandBagAddition, yes about your back, mine is killing me to. can't wait for him to walk.

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