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sleepy 7 week old

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nicnic01 Wed 19-Nov-08 18:51:17

hi, im new to this but wanted to see what other peoples experiences are. my 7 week old daughter is gorgeous but seems to sleep a lot. day and night. When she is awake she is great and seems to be developing as expected-smiling, cooing, feeding well (breastfeeding), putting on weight well. Some days are better than others, but frequently, like today, she is only awake for half an hour at a time then cries until I rock her to comfort her and she falls asleep. I check that there is no other reason for her crying first. She really is just tired! Today I would say she has been awake for 2-3 hours at the most in short bursts. As I say, some days she is awake for much longer periods. I will ask health visitor tomorrow when I get her weighed but wondered if any one had similar sleepy babies. THe only reason I wonder if this is ok is from speaking to the other mums at our baby groups- my daughter is getting a reputation for sleeping through all the groups and songs. I laugh it off but it has got me wondering if it is ok for her to sleep so much?

hopefully Wed 19-Nov-08 19:56:37

Is the half hour awake time including a feed?

Unless someone suggests a reason you ought to be concerned, I would just count your blessings! I really found that it was only at 6-7 weeks that my DS began to have noticeable awake time after a feed and nappy change, and he's huge and was late, so was perhaps a bit ahead of some on that front?

My DS is only sleeping 10-14 hours out of 24 at the moment and is chronically overtired at the moment, I'm desperately trying to increase it.

angel1976 Wed 19-Nov-08 20:39:51

Hi nicnic01, I used to worry about DS a lot when he was younger as he slept so much! Even at 3-4 months, he was taking 3-3.5 hour long nap (besides this one long nap, he would take other naps as well!). He just seemed barely awake. 7 weeks is still very young. Enjoy it! My LO is now 9 months and still sleeps loads. We have had bouts of bad sleep but my DS is a good little sleeper by any standard. If it's anything to go by, your DD sounds like a good sleeper and hopefully things will stay that way for you.

Pheebe Wed 19-Nov-08 21:35:40

DS2 was like that til about 9 weeks then he started to stretch his awake time out. He's 1 now and is still a great sleeper. So long as she's happy and alert, feeding well, making eye contact etc I wouldn't worry at all.

kookiegoddess Wed 19-Nov-08 21:57:45

she is supposed to be asleep for most of the time, from everything I've read they won't really be able to stand being awake more than 1.5 hrs at a time. sleep is very important for them as the body is constantly generating new cells etc. for growth (think about how much she's changing at the moment) so don't worry about keeping her awake. Enjoy the nap time, soon she'll be expecting you to keep her amused when she's awake! My DD is 8 weeks and I have the opposite worry, I am constantly trying to avoid her getting overtired and keeping an eye on time to make sure she hasn't been awake too long. insane crying if she is!

nicnic01 Thu 20-Nov-08 15:25:47

thanks guys,
its good to hear a bit of reassurance that she is not the only sleepy little star! i will try not to get my hopes up that it may mean she will be a good sleeper as she gets older, but it does sound nice. she has just dropped off to sleep again now after being awake for an hour and 15 mins including feed time, following a 2 hour nap so i think i will follow advice and make the most of it and hit the sofa and have snooze myself.

nicnic01 Thu 20-Nov-08 15:27:29

incidently, health visitor was useless when i asked her! didnt really give an answer positive or negative!

Sch1982 Tue 19-May-15 17:58:50

my 7 week old daughter is having an unusuall sleepy day normally she is alert n happy a lot more, but today and last night she is going long stretches and only waking for a
Feed? Even sleeping for 8 hours last nite, is this normal or should I be converned

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