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Help problem with being on floor!

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hayleylou Wed 16-Mar-05 09:58:40

My dd is 8 months and she loves being in her walker which is fantastic watching wizz around. But the problem is now she does not like being on the floor, she has no signs of crawling etc. Should I not use the walker for a while and get her used to being on floor? Any idea anyone??

sparklymieow Wed 16-Mar-05 10:00:04

do you have carpet or flooring? If its flooring it might just be because its cold...

hayleylou Wed 16-Mar-05 10:02:03

we have carpet, also tried putting her on playmats etc!

sparklymieow Wed 16-Mar-05 10:02:49

Maybe she doesn't like being so low and like to see what is going on...

bundle Wed 16-Mar-05 10:02:58

have you tried getting on the floor with her & playing? (ie on your tummy)

Janh Wed 16-Mar-05 10:04:05

What about if you get down on the floor with her? Put her in the walker when you are busy, and on the floor with you when you have time to play?

Janh Wed 16-Mar-05 10:04:24

snap, bundle!

hayleylou Wed 16-Mar-05 10:06:43

Tried laying on tummy with her, tried laying her on sofa beside me, she is a bit better on sofa, all I am worried about is her not crawling etc.

bundle Wed 16-Mar-05 10:07:07

mine were crawling at 6 mths so loved being on the floor!

sparklymieow Wed 16-Mar-05 10:07:42

my niece never crawled she bum shuffled and then walked, didn't like being on the floor either

bundle Wed 16-Mar-05 10:07:51

don't worry about her not crawling, friends of mine had kids who didn't till they were much older. will she sit and play with toys you put out for her? or does she get frustrated?

Janh Wed 16-Mar-05 10:09:56

8 months is still quite young for crawling, hl - one of mine didn't crawl until 12 months and the others were quite late too.

I would let her keep using the walker as long as she loves it but give her some floor time every day too even if she grumbles.

hayleylou Wed 16-Mar-05 10:10:04

She is not bad sat up playing with her toys but she get frustrated coz she cannot do anything else but to fall over and giggle!! ha ha

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