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Audra Wed 16-Mar-05 09:20:18

I have the perfect Gina Ford baby. I followed the book exactly, as I am not near anyone who could give me advice or help. My baby dropped her 2.30am feed at 6 weeks and her 10pm feed at 4.5 months and now at 5 months she has a 9am nap, 12-2 nap, and 7pm-7am sleep, without fail. Trouble is Gina Ford insists on a dark room with black out curtains. Now, when we're out for lunch at a restaurant or friends, she will not sleep because she's not home in her cot in her dark room. Last three times she screamed so much we had to leave. She is very strong and doesn't tire from screaming, she just occassionally stops for a bit to re-charge. Holding her does not console her. Also, she usually goes to sleep only after a screaming session of a few minutes - fine at home but not so fine in restaurants. Has anyone on Gina Ford solved these problems? Please let me know what you did. Everyone says this is the problem with Gina Ford babies, but I am very grateful that I have never had a sleepless night.

RudyDudy Wed 16-Mar-05 09:25:47

Hi Audra - we found that we just needed to drape something over DS' pram to 'fool' him into thinking it was night-time. Either a coat or blanket or if you are somewhere hot then a sarong is a good alternative.


dot1 Wed 16-Mar-05 09:26:27


We Gina-ed our 3 year old ds and I agree, it was wonderful to have a routine and he's always slept 7am - 7pm. I can't remember exactly when, but his 2nd nap of the day moved to a bit later in the afternoon, so we could go out for lunch and then get him back for his nap - could you try that? Maybe putting her down at about 1/2pm? Even now at age 3 he still has his afternoon nap - about 2pm - 3.30pm, which is wonderful!

I don't think it would harm if you tinkered slightly with the time - maybe give her some interesting bits of food to mess around with while you're out (if she's started weaning - blimey, we've also got an 11month old but I can't even remember what 5 months old eat!!) to keep her occupied, and then get her home asap for her sleep!

RudyDudy Wed 16-Mar-05 09:26:38

also making sure she has any things she associates with sleep with her - a favourite blanket, cuddly toy...

goreousgirl Wed 16-Mar-05 09:34:52

I thought I had the perfect Gina Ford Baby - but no more - ah those were the days - I have same problem with mine - no advice - but offer lots of sympathy!! Great that you're getting a good nights sleep - but the odd peaceful lunch isn't too much to ask is it?!

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