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7 month old grunts and growls during feeding

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HopHopALady Sat 15-Nov-08 17:48:05

What does it mean (if anything) if your baby grunts and growls with every mouthful during feeding? She eats well (opens her mouth, swallows, willingly finishes most of what's prepared for her) but just rarely seems happy about it. Is this "normal"?

trixiethepixie Sat 15-Nov-08 18:22:51

Sounds normal.

Mine whinges the whole time he is eating. Think it's not liking being cooped up in his high chair and wanting to get more into his mouth than he can manage.

Oscarsmum1 Wed 05-Oct-11 10:16:53

Mine does this too. He's 7 months and grunts all through feeding, plus makes straining faces like hes poo-ing. in fact he often does poo at mealtimes! I've put it down to just getting used to the whole eating malarky (not sure on the spelling of that word!).

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