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DD (9) walked in on us engaged in noisy enthusiastic duvet-free sex last night

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OrmIrian Sun 09-Nov-08 20:11:17

Walked in, turned on her heel and walked out. We lay like statues, totally mortified. DH said I should go and speak to her. I did, cringing like mad. DD was clearly embarrassed but OK. DH went downstairs to make some tea. DD called out to me that she felt ill - I went to see her, tucked her in, stroked her forehead, said goodnight, went back to bed.

She seemed find next day but studiously avoided the subject - she even explained why she got up (to find the kitten apparently) and talked about when she felt ill. But not the 'elephant in the room' so to speak.

Either she is remarkably cool (I'd have died at her age!) or she's pretending. How can I tell is she's OK?

It was bloosy 11.30 at night. We should have been safe surely.

OrmIrian Tue 11-Nov-08 11:52:25

I am enjoying these <happy sigh>

Bolt being fitted at the weekend. Just a little one right at the top of the door.

DaphneMoon Tue 11-Nov-08 12:24:32

I am literally crying with laughter here. These are hysterical! My DS has heard me and asked why I was moaning, I said I had a bad dream.

PMSL Fledtoscotland, I have visions of legs with trainers on now, hysterical.

BoffinMum Tue 11-Nov-08 12:47:41

fled to scotland, Trainers??? Brilliant!!!!! Were they kinky trainers????

Jampot Tue 11-Nov-08 14:11:07

my friend told me last night her dd (just 16) announced she was having sex with her boyfriend. Friend was annoyed and mortified until her dd said she was just jealous because "at least Im getting it" shockgrin.

We laughed for ages about it but realised that she wanted to shock her mum and to let her know how grown up she was hmm Friend is now going to be as blunt about her sex life as her dd is.

mamakoukla Tue 11-Nov-08 18:17:27

hmmmm.... MIL walked in on hearing hysterical laughter to find me being chased around the room by DH brandishing a blow-up sheep. Swift exit shock Thankfully, we were dressed though! grin

jemart Tue 11-Nov-08 18:28:25

I seem to recall my parents had a small bolt fitted to their bedroom door, cheap plastic thing from a diy store, saved embarrassment all round.

MrsSanta Tue 11-Nov-08 21:46:44

omg pmsl,
When I was little I apparently ran shouting on a Sunday afternoon in the street, my Mums in bed with my Dad. Mum claims they wern't and appeared red faced to the neighbours. blush

We stil laugh about it today, she said they were changing the bed.

AphroditeInHerNightie Wed 12-Nov-08 05:58:33

Before DH and I moved in together, and I was living at my parent's house, we got caught in the living room by my younger brother, who still teases me mercilessly.
The funniest thing was that we'd turned out all the lights for 'discretion' and I was just reachinbg the throes with my eyes shut when little bro switched the lights on (unaware we we were there - we were trying to be quiet). My first thought, before even noticing my brother was to think "how good is DH!" as my head filled with lights!!
Bit of a sudden come-down when the truth became apparent.
So far we've managed to avoid an incident with the DCs although DH has had the cat climb up onto his back purring like a loon whilst we were making the beast with (now, three) backs!

mummyspurg Mon 17-Nov-08 16:40:42

Have to have a giggle at you guys, very funny, but have been a victim myself, recently managed a little 'together' time, in the throws of it as it we're (come on we've all had children remember), and DS walked in unannouced, well I just died as did 'the sword', mortified DP said did you see his face?! Err no said I, I was facing the wrong way!! Work it out for yourselves!!
Lock at the top of the door being fitted this weekend methinks.x

walkingprimrose Mon 17-Nov-08 23:12:47

Well all I can say is I am jealous of all you girls for whom little ones walking into your bedroom could be a problem - its not one for me because my sex life is non existent as I don't fancy my husband anymore.

Blinglovin Tue 18-Nov-08 12:02:13

Snigger - your story about your DC stroking your forehead still has me laughing inappropriately at the office. Absolutely classic.

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