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Scared of flushing the toilet now

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nutcracker Sat 12-Mar-05 20:34:01

Dd2 (the one with the hand washing obbsession) is now also scared of flushing the loo.

First i knew of it was yesterday when she called dd1 upstaires to flush it for her. She has convinced herself that when she flushes, it is gonna get blocked and it will all spill out onto the floor. It has got blocked a couple of times but i wasn't aware that it bothered her so much.

Tonight i have had to stand in the downstaires loo with her for 40 minutes, trying to persuade her to flush the loo. She was crying hysterically, shaking and quite insistent that she couldn't do it.
I felt awful, like i was being so nasty but if i had done it for her, then she would never have flushed a loo again.

This is something i would of expected at potty training age, not at 5.
It is a horrible thing for me to say about her, but she just seems to be getting stranger and stranger. She gets so fixated on either something she has got to do, or something she can't possibly do.
The only upside was that after flushing the loo, she couldn't get out of the toilet quick enough, and actually forgot to wash her hands.
Didn't last long though, she has just been screaming at dd1 for not washing her hands properly.

Anyone elses child have a fear of flushing the toilet ??

Jimjams Sat 12-Mar-05 20:37:41

ds1 does occasionally - comes and goes. He hates dark toilets and won't go in them- doesn't like ones with noisy fans either.

nutcracker Sat 12-Mar-05 20:40:44

I laughed at her which obviously wasn't the right response, but the situation was so surreal, with her pinned to the toilet wall, as far away from the loo as she could get.

Dp got annoyed with me cos i wouldn't just flush it for her.

Jimjams Sat 12-Mar-05 20:43:50

when ds1 is scared he just charges out of the room before anyone flushes it.

But then he goes through phases when he sits with his feet in the bowl, and today I found him with my electric toothbrush switched on playing with the water. yuck yuck yuck- straight in the bin!

nutcracker Sat 12-Mar-05 20:47:16

Oh no Jimjams, good job you noticed.

Feel like i'm constantly asking dd what shes doing lately as she seems to be constantly sneeking off to wash her hands or pinch kitchen roll for her nose and hide it(she will only wipe it with kitchen roll, i think because loo roll would have been to close to the toilet).

Am going to have to start writing this all down for when i get her refferal i think. Hate it if i have to think of the top of my head, makes me feel like i'm being interrogated.

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