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cheeky 6yr old

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floppsy Fri 11-Mar-05 13:02:20

Hello all! Can anyone help me? My 6yr old dd1 has started to really annoy me with her constant cheek.She always got an answer to everthing i say to her & she don't do anything shes told,im starting to lose my cool with her & was hoping someone would have some tips.

KarenThirl Sat 12-Mar-05 17:19:32

She could be picking it up from school. Try letting her know that what's OK for other children to say to their parents isn't necessarily OK for her to say to you. Different parents have different rules and the rule in your house is ... whatever. Also, you could withdraw privileges if she's cheeky to you. I find 1-2-3 works quite well, as long as there's an understood consequence of mummy reaching 3. You'll need to talk it over with her first so that she understands what will happen if she continues after the warnings have been issued.

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