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why has my once-lovely, gurgling, happy, cuddly 17-month old suddenly turned into Kevin the Teenager?

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Soprana Thu 30-Oct-08 11:37:32

I'm not coping very well. All she does is say no, no, no and cry at the slightest thing, (even nice things sometimes!). Admittedly she's been ill the last couple of weeks (cold, tummy bug) and unhappy at that, but now she's on the mend I was hoping her sunny self would reappear. She's just not much fun to be with at the moment. Can the terrible twos have started 7 months early??

bubblagirl Thu 30-Oct-08 19:20:49

it always takes my ds few weeks to get over any illness before good mood reapears always worries me this is it never to return but it does thank goodness

hope she feels better soon

Soprana Fri 31-Oct-08 17:50:17

she seems to have cheered up today, thank god.. she's eating better, which helps, of course. Can't really blame her for being crabby when she's hungry I guess, I know I always am!

Silvj Fri 31-Oct-08 19:28:35

Yes the terrible twos can start much earlier. My daughter is 19 months and so changeable in her moods & doesn't help that her last lot of teeth are coming through!
I wonder where my lovely nice baby has gone to somedays?

Jumbs Sun 02-Nov-08 21:30:53

Soprana, I could have written that post! DS had a tummy bug last week and ever since has been grouchy and throwing himself on the floor in a tantrum. he's 16mths. i'm hoping its being ill and not how its going to be for the next few months. Off to the library tomorrow for toddler taming anyways!

Soprana Mon 03-Nov-08 12:29:58

Phew! While I'm sorry for you, Jumbs (crabby toddlers are NO fun), I'm very glad it's not just me... I though dd didn't love me any more (last week I spent two hours in A&E force-feeding her with Dioralyte through a syringe as she wouldn't drink and we were afraid she was dehydrated). I thought I'd traumatised her.

Spoke to the dad of a 13 month old at playgroup this morning and he said his ds had started arching his back and screaming when he doesn't want to do something. And he's been ill too... Must be a symptom of the bug - personality transplant! Hope your little one better soon. Mine all over it and back to her sunny self, I'm pleased to report.

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