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fussy eater 20 month old... am I getting this wrong?

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Spink Wed 29-Oct-08 14:25:45

ds can be a really fussy eater, some days will eat nothing but toast and cheese. fruit and yoghurt is also rarely refused. But dinners often get pushed away / thrown on the floor without even a taste.

Our policy for mealtimes is to try not to make an issue of it & to offer variety even if he doesn't eat it.

We also always offer a main course, then fruit/yoghurt.
Even if he doesn't eat his main, we don't 'punish' him but not giving him his second course. Is this wrong? Am I taking away the incentive for him to eat his main course because he knows he will get fruit etc?
Also, his dinner is at 5ish, and then he gets a bedtime milk bottle at 6.15-6.30ish, so that too fills him up.

On 'good' days, he'll have the lot - main, second course, and then a whole bottle of milk at bedtime, so I know that it all fits in!

ta wink

nailpolish Wed 29-Oct-08 14:29:45

just offer him waht you are having, if he doesnt eat it dont offer him anything else

but i would still give second course even if first isnt eaten

thats just me though, and what worked with my dds

its important to not scold for not eating (imo)
just calmly take the plate away (or pick off the floor) and not say anything. if pushed on the floor, just remove completely and finish eating your meal. if there is a secnd course, ds has to wait til everyone lese has finished and all the second courses are given out at the same time

nicky111 Wed 29-Oct-08 14:42:27

mine is exactly the same. She will eat anything - as long as it is in a sandwich and is cheese related or looks like an apple. Her only decent meal is breakfast - cereal, toast and boiled egg, fruit but the rest of the day is spent demanding cheese sandwiches, apples and (of course) biscuits. I just hope it's a phase as I never had this with DD1. I also do not withhold 'pudding' is main course not eaten as do not want to be woken at 5am by hungry toddler. Have also been known to give 'supper' in the form of french toast just before bed. Have also been known to stand in bedroom and count to 20 after chicken casserole thrown on floor.

nicky111 Wed 29-Oct-08 14:43:26

Also try to llok it what he has eaten over the entire week rather than a day - you will feel better grin

Spink Wed 29-Oct-08 19:18:34

thanks for making us feel normal again.
Today was not a good day and ds's total food intake was toast, a prune!, half a pear, porridge, banana, rice cake, 2 breadsticks & a kiwi. and some milk to drink. Good thing he doesn't have a problem with wheat..

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