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Can you tell me what and when your 1yr old eats and sleeps please

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DippyDora Wed 29-Oct-08 10:34:03

At the moment dd

8.30 - wakes and has bottle
9.30 - porridge
10.00 - morning nap
11.30 - awake
12.30 - lunch. (usually something like cauliflower cheese/pesto pasta/sandwhich followed by a piece of fruit)
2.30 - Afternoon nap
3.30 - Awake and snack - maybe a piece of toast or some fruit
5.30 - dinner followed by a yoghurt
6.30 - bedtime and bottle

This was fine but dd is now strongly resisitng her afternoon nap and is awake from 11.30 till bedtime - which is hell for both of us as she gets overtired.

I wondered what other 1yr olds do and as I'm thinking I'll have to move the morning nap and only only have one nap a day. But not sure if I should gice lunch before or after the nap?

Thomcat Wed 29-Oct-08 10:39:53

DD1 is 13 months

6.30 - 7.30 - somewhere in that time she'll wake
7.30 - breakfast - about 100 ml of milk, maybe half a weetabix or a few shreddies, a slice of brown toast with a smidge of marmite, maybe half a banana with it
10am - has about 200 ml of hot milk and about a 2 hour nap
12midday - lunch - pasta or jacket potato with cheese & beans or sandwich, humos, breadsticks, dried fruit etc always followed by fruit and/or a yoghurt
3pm - maybe a bit more milk, 100ml or so, or a snack possibly followed by a nap but not very often now these days
5pm - dinner - shepherds pie or chicken and veggies etc followed by fruit
7pm - another full bottle of milk - 200 ml and straight to sleep after

Thomcat Wed 29-Oct-08 10:41:44

Could you delay her morning nap till 10.30 ish maybe, just edge it back.

Then at 3pm ish could you just give her some warm milk and a cuddle on the sofa with a book or take her for walk in buggy or soemthig so ishe is chilled/ relaxed if not actually asleep?

DippyDora Wed 29-Oct-08 10:43:48

DD is just about to turn 1 Thomcat, so just a bit younger than your dd. How does your dd cope if she hasnt had her afternoon nap?

DippyDora Wed 29-Oct-08 10:49:14

I'm trying to push her nap back till 12ish(fingers crossed she ok at the moment) then I'm hoping she'll go down for a couple of hours.

Shes not really into cuddles or 'chilled ot' time. Shes always on the go, even if she is worn out she still fights it and wont let me comfort her - she is hard work!

muppetgirl Wed 29-Oct-08 10:49:56

7.30 - I wake him he has 9oz milk
9am - breakfast cereals/toast/porridge
10/10.30 - nap
12 -lunch sandwiches/soup
1-2.30pm -nap (I have to wake him as he would ideally like longer but we have the school run. Hazards of being no2!)
5pm -dinner whatever we're having just in smaller pieces
bed 6-6.30pm with 9oz milk

You could try waking your dd earlier in the morning and having her awake earlier to enable her to become more tired? Say 8am?

You could take her swimming, playgroup etc something to occupy her mind and get her physically tired for her afternoon sleep.
If not then I do like the afternoon walk/chill.

muppetgirl Wed 29-Oct-08 10:51:11

...I am very aware I have a very easy ds 2 though but I can assure I was due an easy baby after ds 1!!!!

Boobalina Wed 29-Oct-08 10:55:40

My DD has just turned one

6.10am Awake and 5oz of milk
7.30am Breakfast
9.30am Snack
10.30am 4 oz Milk and nap (20-45 mins)
12.00 Lunch
1.00pm Nap - 1 or 2 hours (varies)
2.30pm Snack
4.30pm Supper
5.45pm Snack
6.20pm Bedtime routine and 8oz Milk
6.45pm Sleep


Wakes up STILL at either 2 or 3 or 4am and wont settle without 5oz milk....

I need to sort it out... hmm

HensMum Wed 29-Oct-08 11:03:50

DS is all over the place at the moment due to a vicious combination of chicken pox, teething, cold and the clocks changing but usually his day is something like:

6am-6.30am - wake and 7oz bottle of formula
8am - breakfast of ready brek and fruit
10am - snack. Biscuit or more fruit
12pm - lunch
12.30pm - nap. He needs about 2 hours. Usually has a min 1hr 30mins, max 2hrs 30mins
after nap - drink of cow's milk though he doesn't want it some days
5pm - tea.
6.45pm - 8oz bottle of formula before bed
7pm - bed

He dropped his morning nap about a month ago (he's just over 1). He was having about an hour in the morning and an hour and a half in the pm but seems to have combined these into one big nap. It was tricky for a bit as he went from having a nap at about 9.30-10am to waiting until after lunch but it's better now as we have a whole morning to do stuff, then we get a nice big break in the pm while he sleeps. At first, I'd try to have some chill out time in the morning when he would have been sleeping, either looking at some books quietly or if he resisted, going for a walk in the buggy, just so he wasn't completely worn out by nap time.

Thomcat Wed 29-Oct-08 11:05:55

To be honest DippyDora her rountine sounds fine to me.
I think it's pretty normal to start fighting that afternoon nap. Mine has been doing so for a while now, as in months.
I'd just start pulling back her morning nap a bit and fit in food round when she sleeps and wakes etc.

So if she goes down at 11am and sleep till 12.30 great, give her lunch as soon as she wakes.

If she goes down about 12 for a sleep give her a snack about 11ish and then a lat lunch about 1.30 and a snack again at 3ish.

She goes to bed quite early and wakes quite late so she's getting a really good sleep. Maybe try and put her down at 7pm ish and wake her at 7.30 / 8 am ish and maybe she'll be more keen to nap in the afternoon.

Work it round what suits you and what she'll allow!

DippyDora Wed 29-Oct-08 11:56:43

I've just given her some fruit and put her down. When she wakes I'll give her some lunch.

Thanks for the reassurance Thomcat. I think trying to just do what suits us is really good advice. By the time she's had a bottle and been changed and creamed its normally 7 she actully goes down (I'm a litle vague on her bedtime rountine as her dad normally does it)
I know I should wake her up earlier but I work till 11pm at night so I go to bed quite late (by the time I've got home and wound down) so I'm glad of a little lay in blush

Reading everybodies routine has helped me, thanks everyone smile

Thomcat Wed 29-Oct-08 12:02:56

Excellent smile xx

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