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How do you know if ready for solids?

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connyrabbit Wed 29-Oct-08 08:47:00

DS in turning 5 months tomorrow and has been showing a keen interest in watching us eating for a little while. Now for the past 2 weeks he seems to have a changed sleeping patern, e.i. he wakes up once or twice more than usual at night, ravenous. I wasn't planning on weaning him until he turns 6 months but from what I've read this might be the sign that he could be ready for solids.
The Penelope Leach book says you should try giving him some of your food off your finger, and if he's ready he'll go at it like a lollypot. Is it really as clear as that?

I first started eating a Hipp fruit compote in front of him with lots of yum yum noises, and then dipped a finger in it. When i tried to put it in his mouth, he didn't gag but there was a very telling grimace of disgust at the taste! I tried with Hipp baby rice later the same day, but still no success.
Should I keep trying and he'll get used to the tastes, or should I give him a break and try again in a couple of weeks time?
I don't mind waiting, but he's clearly feeding more often than he was ... and also me and DH could use some sleep...!
Thanks for any tips you may have!


meandmyjoe Wed 29-Oct-08 11:58:14

At this age everything goes in their mouth so it's not really an effective method of seeing if he is ready for solids. If you can wait another month, I would. He watches everything you do, not just eating, he should be interested in everything so wait another couple of weeks if possible. Solids won't make him sleep any longer I'm afraid. Milk has a lot more calories than solids, particularly purees. Could he just be having a growth spurt?

Luxmum Wed 29-Oct-08 12:44:56

Sounds like a growth spurt for me too. Keep him off solids till 6 months, it is for their own good to avoid exposure to potential foods which could (COULD, not will)trigger food allergies etc. Plus he may not have developed the proper swallowing /gag reflex, as up to nearly 6 months, their tongue will automatically come out if things go into their mouth, it is to stop them choking. Dont force things as you will only stress yourself. make your life easier and just take it at his own pace.

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