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poos - 9 weeks old and how often should my baby be poo'ing ?!!!

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HelenBabyHToBe Tue 28-Oct-08 18:39:04

my 9 week old baby poo'd once a day in first few weeks an the every 3 or 4 days until he was 7 weeks old. however in the ast few weeks he has only went once a week....... is this normal. tomorro it has been a week since he last went....
should i worry? he is not excessively crying

Seona1973 Tue 28-Oct-08 19:50:25

is he breast or formula fed? breastfed babies can often go 7 days (or more) between poos without there being a problem. My ds used to go 3 (or occasionally 4) days between poos but it was still soft so he wasnt constipated (and he was bottlefed)

janx Tue 28-Oct-08 20:07:32

My dd used to go a week without pooing. I got worried about it and asked hv etc. One v sensible hv said that it was perfectly fine as long as she wasn't in pain or constipated. She was bfeed. I would enjoy the lack of poo. Ds on the other hand poos for England and I so wish he didn't smile

thisisyesterday Tue 28-Oct-08 20:13:29

if he is breastfed then it is fine

HelenBabyHToBe Tue 28-Oct-08 21:45:57

thanks guuys - u r alll really kind and helpful. joshua is breastfed so fingers crossed he is fine. hx

Sidge Tue 28-Oct-08 21:48:55

It doesn't really matter how often he goes, as long as when he does poo it's soft and easily passed and looks like type 4 or 5 on this chart

HelenBabyHToBe Thu 30-Oct-08 13:22:45

thanks everyone - joshua finally did massive explosion 6 days after prev poo ! sooooo he seems to be going every 6 days which i guess is fair enough from what people tell me about b'fed babes ! h
ps my friend is a gp and she suggested one part of freshly squeezrd orange to 5 parts breast milk if stuck and need to get babies poo's moving !!!!!!!!!

Wigglesworth Thu 30-Oct-08 13:33:08

We had same problem with DS, my HV told me to use 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed oj (get an orange and squeeze yourself) to 1 floz of cooled boiled water, worked a treat! Although she did say that this should not be used regularly as baby should be able to poo normally. If he isn't uncomfortable I wouldn't worry too much. You could also try massaging his tummy and moving his legs like a bicycle, doesn't work everytime but worth a try. Good luck, remember if in doubt check with HV or GP.

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