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flip top head

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jackeroo Wed 09-Mar-05 17:56:55

ds is just 9 months. he can sit up quite well but still likes to lie down a lot. when he sits up in a chair or whenever he's upright he has a habit of flipping his head backwards (or tilting it sideways) to view the world upside down. he's always doing it - when he watches tv, when he's looking at other people or something that interests him - it's quite funny and i just wonder why? i'm not worried, just curious?

Twiglett Wed 09-Mar-05 17:59:15

cod iys funny for him too he'll get over it

Twiglett Wed 09-Mar-05 17:59:41

oo typo a la cod

'cos its funny for him too

jackeroo Wed 09-Mar-05 18:02:57

he did it to richard madeley earlier - an improvement i reckon...

spagblog Wed 09-Mar-05 18:29:19

My DS likes to see the world from funny angles too and at first I was a bit concerned. His favourite is when I put him in the shopping trolley. He either leans forward and puts his head on the bar so that he can stare straight down at the floor, or he leans over the side and stares at the ceiling.
When he is staring at the floor old people remark on how cute it is that he has fallen asleep, and when he is staring at the ceiling I have to make sure that I don't accidentally bang his head on a shelf!

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