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4-6 month development

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inscotland Sun 26-Oct-08 18:39:49

This may sound like a really silly question but do I need to do anything to encourage my little boy to sit and eventually sit unaided? He's 17 weeks old and will sit on my knee or on the floor between my legs. Sometimes, he will sit/slouch for 5 minutes in his highchair while I make toast/tea etc but is this something that they will do themselves in time or should I do anything to help?

He still spends quite a bit of time on his back on his playmat and is making attempts to roll over now. Quite happily lying on his side.

He hates going on his front though.

jabuti Sun 26-Oct-08 18:47:29

hi inscotland,

in my view we should never push babies to do things. they all have their own time. if their little body is not ready to sit, crawl, walk, whats the point in forcing them?

you may have read by now that babies reach milestones at different ages.

my baby also hated to go on her front. she started crawling at 8 months and walking at 13 months. i honestly dont think it would have made any difference if she had spent more time on her tummy. i would just have made her grumpy for nothing really.

i hope it helps.

littlelamb Sun 26-Oct-08 18:51:26

My ds is 19 weeks and has been rolling over for a few weeks but can't sit up. He does like being in his playnest, and grabbing toys that you leave on the side, and will sit quite happily in there while I get on with things

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