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dd (nearly 1) has never watched TV ..

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DippyDora Sun 26-Oct-08 14:06:55

I've always assumed she is too young.

What age do most children start watching TV and has dd been missing out?

dismemberingdora Sun 26-Oct-08 14:09:04

Hallo fellow dora! my dd is 2.5 and still doesn't watch tv. She will watch 5 mins of tv max!

themildmanneredaxemurderer Sun 26-Oct-08 14:12:03

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DippyDora Sun 26-Oct-08 14:12:24

<< waves to fellow dora >>

I feel bad as I haven't even given my dd the option of watching TV. I never have it on in the daytime and we never watch childrens programmes.

I wouldnt even know what channel they are on blush

DippyDora Sun 26-Oct-08 14:14:39

I am honestly not trying to be the 'best mum in the world'

I genuinely thought she was too young. Now I've read another thread about youngsters watching TV I feel as if dd has been missing out and maybe I've been hampering her devolpment in some way

NomDePlume Sun 26-Oct-08 14:17:44

Small children watch television at whenever their parents allow them to.

It is unlikely that you have damaged or deprived your child of anything, she is a baby. Babies don't need tv to develop normally.

By the same token I don't think it is the end of the world if a baby has seen some TV in its life.

Can't get worked up about it I'm afraid.

BTW, I suspect DD has see some TV, or do you never have it on when she is in the rrom with you/DH/friends/relatives ?

MrsBadger Sun 26-Oct-08 14:17:48

she isn;t missing out

dd gets 10min a week while I cut her nails

it doesn't come into its own imo till they are 2-3 and it can show them things they don't see in real life (wild animals etc)

DippyDora Sun 26-Oct-08 14:21:27

It goes on when dh comes home. I dont bother in the daytime as its mostly rubbish IMO.

Thanks Mrs B, thats what I thought about 2-3 years old

dismemberingdora Sun 26-Oct-08 14:26:05

I suspect mildmannered was aiming at me dippy, (as if it is an insult!) I don't have a prob with my dd watching tv at all, she just wanders off after a few mins...

UnfortunatelyMurderedMe Sun 26-Oct-08 14:30:29

Some people dont have a telly, at all, everwink
She isnt missing out on anything, however, you may be.
You may find when she is really ratty and tired that she would fall fast asleep to cbeebies bedtime hour.
Also good way to learn rhymes etc.

Smee Mon 27-Oct-08 15:06:53

DS didn't see any until 2.5 (roughly). Then I put it on to give him (or do I mean me!) a bit of a rest. For sanity's sake 20 minutes just to sit with a cuppa is sometimes essential... I think CBeebies is pretty good. No adverts and the programmes are mostly imaginative and inventive. Can't see the harm myself.

Cheesesarnie Mon 27-Oct-08 15:09:28

shes not missing out.i will admit that the tv at times makes my life easier(bad mama).ds2 wasnt interested until he was almost 2.

lilibet Mon 27-Oct-08 15:14:43

Exh and I didn't get a tv until dd was past 2, we had then gone for 8 years without having one shock

When the ds's came along I wondered how I had ever managed without it grin

different strokes and all that!

Iloveautumn Mon 27-Oct-08 15:25:05

Hi - I have to post as my first ever post on mumsnet (a few namechanges ago!) was about whether I was harming ds' development by not letting him watch tv (he was about your dd's age!)

I got a million and one people telling me that it's only marketing that makes us think kids need to watch tv and actually the advice is no tv at least under 2. (Also a few people accusing me of being smug... guilt trip maybe?)

Now ds is 2.5 and still doesn't have tv and isn't interested in it at other peoples houses. So we will just keep him away from it for as long as we can. We have another ds on the way so will try to avoid tv at least until he is 2, then we'll see.

It is better for your dd's development to be in the real world, not the tv world! Plus she is not being exposed to all the heavy marketing.
That is one thing I am glad about - ds doesn't have a clue who any tv charactors are so no pester power - long may it continue!

carocaro Mon 27-Oct-08 17:57:28

I don't think it is a good or bad thing, and that you gain or miss out on watching TV or not. It is there like so many other things, to be used in moderation, DS2 (aged 23 months) loves Thomas the Tank Engine, and to see him and his older brother who is six, sing and dance to the song, it's so lovely and funny!

Sycupatree Mon 27-Oct-08 18:09:00

Ha ha, well, obviously you only have one child!

My DD didn't start watching until about 18 months (teletubbies) but my DS has been goggle eyed since birth grin

SongbirdScreamsInTheDeadOfNite Mon 27-Oct-08 18:15:44

'No TV before 3' I thought (aged 3, not 3pm I think grin). Dd (3.5) watches a lot though blush! I prefer DVDs personally - no ads!

apostrophe Mon 27-Oct-08 18:57:31

Message withdrawn

nappyaddict Mon 27-Oct-08 19:12:28

so you don't ever have the TV on when she is in the same room?

MilaMae Mon 27-Oct-08 19:31:39

Like Apostrophe all 3 of mine have a fab attention span,imagination,don't pester,spoke and one has started to read very early. All 3 have watched TV from a young age-programs I choose and when I choose with very little other screen time(I prefer it to time on the computer as rather anti social IMHO)

They lead a very full life with plenty of books, craft and the outdoors. If managed properly screens(TV,computers et al) really are nothing to get your knickers in a twist about.

Obviously all day every day would not be good.

Ivegotaheadache Mon 27-Oct-08 19:45:19

When the dd's were little there wasn't any cbeebies or freeview, we didn't have sky and the kids programmes were only on for about an hour a day on bbc2 or something, so they watched videos of teletubbies ect once in a while (when I needed some peace).
It wasn't that long ago oldest dd is only 8 (I'm sure I remember it correctly).

Now, ds is 18 months, he's glued to all sorts of crap the dd's have on - he can sing the spongebob tune blush.
I let him watch cbeebies as I think that it's a bit better than some of the stuff that's on, say, Nick Jr.

I'd love him to not watch any, but wtf would I do with him when I am cooking the dinner? grin.
The pots and pans in the cupboard only work to excite him if you only fling the cupboard door open very rarely.

Bumperlicious Mon 27-Oct-08 20:14:42

Goodness, I think I might have shot myself with boredom were it not for my BT vision recorder so I could watch endless crap (but crap of my chosing) while being stuck on the sofa with a feeding DD so she was certainly exposed to it. But it is only really in the past few months (DD is 16mo) that we have put it on specifically for her, and then only cbeebies. It's really handy when I am trying to cook or wash up in the kitchen and she is bored.

Hasn't done her any harm. She loves it when it is on, but when it's not she is very self contained, happy to potter round palying with her toys.

Fennel Mon 27-Oct-08 20:18:27

None of my 3 really watched any til they were about 2.5. I don't think they'd be missing out if they weren't watching any now either. It's useful for tranquilising them, and they like it (too much) but I don't see it as educational.

MrsBumblebee Mon 27-Oct-08 20:53:16

DS (13 months) has only ever seen adult TV (the Simpsons most evenings, plus the occasional bit of weekend TV like Saturday Kitchen or some sport - all DH, not me!!). Our reception is too appalling to get CBeebies. He's never shown any interest whatsoever in adult TV, or in the bits of Beebies he's seen while he's at other people's houses. But the laptop, on the other hand - he's totally obsessed..... I'm not at all bothered that he never watches TV, but equally I don't mind if he starts watching a bit when he shows an interest.

EachPeachPearMum Tue 28-Oct-08 16:13:53

DD (2.8) has never watched television- we don't have our set connected to a receiver so she couldn't.
I think we may start to introduce DVDs in 6 months or so, though no idea what tbh.
She has seen the first 10 minutes of The Snowman at a christmas concert last year, which she loved.
DH and I don't watch television though, so it's not really part of our family's 'culture'.

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