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nickymorris Sat 25-Oct-08 19:17:23

Hi there - random question but my DS did his first giggle about 10 days ago when he was 9.5 wks, but he hasn't done one sincee. He's very smiley and happy but I wanna hear that giggle again - it was great!

When did your DS/DD's do their first giggle and how long was it until they did their second?

bubblagirl Sat 25-Oct-08 21:16:00

i think my ds was about the same then again at around 12 weeks i think somewhere close to that

bubblagirl Sat 25-Oct-08 21:16:12

so cute though isnt it x

meandmyjoe Sat 25-Oct-08 21:31:38

I have it written in ds' record book, his first giggle was at 9 weeks and 2 days, then his next (which was a huge belly laugh!) was at 11 weeks, he has got the BIGGEST laugh now, my neighbour hears it through the walls, yet NEVER heard him crying!

lauraloola Sat 25-Oct-08 22:00:23

Dd was about 8 weeks when she first giggled. She didnt do it again for about another week!!

She smiles more then she laughs and is 20 weeks old now. She is laughing when you tickle her though! Its the best thing ever when you hear it for the first time x

nickymorris Sun 26-Oct-08 18:35:05

thanks - sounds like I'll get my giggle fix again in a week or so!

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