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Bathtime problems - 21 mth old twin boys

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walkie Sat 25-Oct-08 10:06:35

Hi, I am having problems with getting my boys to have a bath. This has been going on for a couple of months. They scream if we try to put them in the bath and pull up and grab us to get out. It is really distressing - they haven't had a proper bath for a few weeks, as we now just sponge them down. I think we have tried everything - deep/shallow water, bubbles/no bubbles, bath with mum or dad, shower instead, toys, new toys. They will swim in the pool and the sea, but still not go in the bath. They are happy to play with the water. Am going to get a couple of dolls today, to see if the boys will bath them! Does anybody have any other suggestions? Thanks

simpson Sat 25-Oct-08 11:34:55

My DS was the same at that age and HV suggested the crayons that you can write on the bath with which worked a treat smile

The other alternative is maybe to hold off bathing for a bit. Can you shower them instead? I remember how hard it was and you have 2 of them!! Good luck smile

MarsLady Sat 25-Oct-08 11:46:53

Ah yes... bathing DTs. It's a bit of a mare isn't it especially if 1 will go in and 1 won't, then the first wants to get out.

We had the whole screaming thing. I tried crayons in the bath and toys that were only used in the bath and finally popped their older sister in with them (which worked for a short time).

Why not step away from bathing them for a while. It's becoming too much of an issue and what you need is for the whole thing to calm down so that you can start again. I'll they'll shower then do that otherwise keep sponging them down. It won't kill them. I do think that the trick is to not let it become a control issue.

I'll point the other multimums in this direction and see if they have other suggestions. Of course it's the weekend so the responses may be slow.

You should pop over and say hi It's d'y ever wonder and then something about shiny pink frogs lol grin

OptimistS Sat 25-Oct-08 11:56:51

Hi Walkie. Are you bathing them together or separately?

Leoloopydoo Mon 27-Oct-08 21:14:20

Hi Walkie, we don't have a problem getting the dts (20mts) into the bath but washing their hair is a nightmare. When their hair so so matted and stinky that we have to wash it DH gets in the bath with them which they think is great.... or I take them into the shower, they scream the whole way through it but its quick.

Could be worth trying to take one in the bath at a time with you or your dh?

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