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How do you keep a hat on a ten month old?

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Knakard Fri 24-Oct-08 15:24:42

Just that really?

He hates having a hat on and shouts, squeaks and pulls it off, same with hoods or anything that goes over his head. Seems to get really wound up and genuienly upset if he cant get it off, so i think that may be a hat he cant get off isn't the answer, i really need to fix why he gets so upset.

Its getting really cold now and im worried about him getting colds and/or ear ache.

Any suggestion or links to products that work much appreciated.

charitas Fri 24-Oct-08 16:06:46

Have you tried different fabrics, ie cotton or fleece. Or would he wear earmuffs

travellingwilbury Fri 24-Oct-08 16:07:58

I never found the answer to this so mine just had a cold head

Not very helpful I know but they also didn't suffer with ear ache or seem to care on the slightest

WhizzzingAroundOnABroomstick Fri 24-Oct-08 16:08:37

gaffer-tape ?? grin

<sorry, couldn't resist>

ShePeeTeePee Fri 24-Oct-08 16:08:58

Combine with a coat so thick he can't lift his arms above chest height. wink

NBheebieGeebies Fri 24-Oct-08 16:11:33

The only ones I know that work are the hats you can get with a strap that goes under their chin.
I bought my ds1 one from Matalan last year. Like a brown cord material with the bits over the ears and velcro under the chin.
He never ever took it off.

Its a bit too small for him now so ds2 is going to have it as he's 10 months now.

I think they just get fed up of failing to take it off grin

Indith Fri 24-Oct-08 16:13:00

No idea. If anyone knows how to keep one on a 21 month old that would be great too grin Ongoing problem. I'm sure that in a month or so I'll be adding "how to keep gloves on a 22 month old" too.

Ds used to arrive at creche on frozen mornings with hair flying in the wind and bright red hands. The daft boy would actually end up crying from cold though but no matter what I put on him he took it off!

Sawyer64 Fri 24-Oct-08 16:14:42

With summer hats I always spend a month or so before our holiday,putting on the hat in the morning indoors,and then every time DC throws it off put it back on,all day every day,until eventually they just got used to it being there.

Works for winter ones too.It is a pain,but if you can be bothered, it does work.

kiLLf Fri 24-Oct-08 16:15:33


kiLLf Fri 24-Oct-08 16:15:45

or hot glue

2point4kids Fri 24-Oct-08 16:18:05

I used to let DS take his off, wait 5 mins till he was REALLY cold an dthen pop it back on. He'd leave it then!
Same with gloves

Fennel Fri 24-Oct-08 16:19:04

The only hat which dd3 would tolerate was a bike helmet. She looked a bit weird on the beach but it did stop her getting sunburnt.

NBheebieGeebies Fri 24-Oct-08 16:19:37

Oh and the gloves that came with the hat also had velcro straps on so he couldn't take them off either.

He's 2 now and still can't get them off.

jumpingbeans Fri 24-Oct-08 16:22:58

kilif,I wsa going to say staplegun, but thought I can't be bothered spending the next 1/2 hour saying I was joking,

ohdearwhatamess Fri 24-Oct-08 16:25:53


Had a great one for ds1 at that age from JoJoMamanBebe, but just had a cursory glance at their website and can't find one there atm.

Ds1 still hated having it put on, but once it was on it couldn't come off.

Indith Fri 24-Oct-08 16:48:31

Ok NB how can yours not undo velcro straps on gloves? I bloody well tied scratch mitts on to ds last year with ribbon. Proper knots and everything and he still got them off.

NBheebieGeebies Fri 24-Oct-08 17:03:00

Its because the velcro is actually attached to the mitten itself.
Ribbon would just slide straight off the fabric grin

Indith Fri 24-Oct-08 17:09:29

Nope the ribbon was woven into the fabric, these were granny made mitts!

colacubes Fri 24-Oct-08 17:11:23

Jumping, now thats funny, very "scrooge" with Bill Murray!

Sorry Knakard cant help either, if they wont wear it then unfortunatley there is nowt you can do, unless you are unrelenting putting it back on over and over and just hope he eventually gives up!

MrsWeasleySupportsVoldemort Fri 24-Oct-08 17:20:09

oh a thread about hats wink grin

grin grin grin grin gringrin grin grin grin gringrin grin grin grin gringrin grin grin grin gringrin grin grin grin gringrin grin grin grin gringrin grin grin grin gringrin grin grin grin gringrin grin grin grin gringrin grin grin grin gringrin grin grin grin grin

pinata Fri 24-Oct-08 21:04:40

my DD is the same, but what worked for us was i took her to the shop and tried all the hats on they had in there, and for some strange reason she liked one of them and sat there with it on her head, giggling

wasn't my first choice in terms of how it looks, but it's the only hat i can put on her that she doesn;t take straight off.

not sure if it was a fluke, but maybe give it a try?

LolaLadybird Fri 24-Oct-08 21:32:08

My DS is 10 mths and won't keep a hat on (doesn't get worked up but just v curious I think). I just bought him a hat/mitten set from Tesco for £2 which does up under the chin. JoJo Maman also do hats that fasten under the chin but for many, many times the price. Feeling quite self-satisfied with my bargain actually - even if my chubby, large-headed little boy looks slightly ridiculous in it ...grin

LynetteScavo Fri 24-Oct-08 21:38:38

DS1 was the same - untill we went to Durham one winter and it was really cold in a northern way. He was 11 months and snuggled down into the buggy and didn't take his hat off.

Maybe a scarf pulled up around his neck to cover his ears?

Annya Mon 27-Oct-08 09:13:01

My nanny showed me how to train DS last winter (he was one year old). Basically he loved taking his hat off and throwing it on the ground when he was in his pushchair. She would just calmly pick it up and put it back on his head saying something like 'keep your hat on' and sometimes 'you can take it off when we get to the shops/home or whatever'. And it worked. First we had to re-put it back on loads of times - 10/15 - but the novelty v quickly wore off. I was quite surprised it worked so quickly tho.

pamplemousse Mon 27-Oct-08 09:17:19

My dd had a hat with ties under the chin, it was such a faf for her to pull off she gave up in the end and is now happy to wear one without ties. Ooh as lolaladybird just said!!

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