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What is your 9/10 month olds routine?

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ummadam Fri 24-Oct-08 12:46:00

DS is nearly 10months and getting more grumpy and reluctant to nap by the day. Part of it is teething and the start of separation anxiety but I wonder if our routine is not helping.

7/7.30 wakes and into bed for BF and cuddle
8.00 up, breakfast, playtime
9.30/10 naptime (used to be about 8.30/9 but getting later as he is older as doesn't seem so ready for nap)if still up at 10 has extra snack and drink before nap
10.30/11am wakes up grumpy and clearly still tired but perks up after lunch
11.30/12 lunch
1pm -3pm usually out, shopping, walk
3.30 milk then nap until 4/4.30pm
5pm tea
5.30pm playtime and cbeebies from 6
6.45 bath, story, milk, bed
7.30 asleep

may wake a couple of times overnight for dummy /quick cuddle then back to sleep but usually sleeps through.

It is not always the same as some mornings we have a baby group and he doesn't nap until about 11 and then an earlier afternoon nap. Today he only slept for about 20min, is very grumpy but is well and fine. Has just gone back down for a nap grumbling to himself (probably about mean old mummy making him go to bed from the sound of it!)

2point4kids Fri 24-Oct-08 12:52:25

Mine is nearly 9 months.

6.30 - wake up, milk
7.30 ish - breakfast
8/8.30 - nap
9.30 - up
10 - 11.30 - usually out somewhere, will hve milk at some point whilee out
12 - lunch
12.30 - nap
2 ish - wake up
2.30/3 - milk
4 - nap
5 - wake up
5.30 - tea
6 - bath
6.3- - milk, bed

MogTheForgetfulCat Fri 24-Oct-08 14:17:16

When DS1 was 9/10 months, he was like this:

6.30ish: wake, bf
7.30-8: breakfast
9.30-ish: nap (it was around this age that he started to want to drop this nap, but couldn't get through the morning without it, so I used to always pop him in his pushchair and he would lie down and sleep in it on the way to playgroup or whatever)
11: bf
12: lunch
12.30: nap
2: wake up
3.30-4: bf
5.30: tea
6.30: bath
7: bf, bed

If the morning nap is getting later, is it worth trying to cut it out altogether, and having early lunch with a long nap afterwards? Then when he gets used to not having the morning nap, you can move lunch and nap a bit later again? That's what worked for us when we decided to drop the morning nap altogether. DS1 also then started sleeping longer in the post-lunch nap - up to 3 hours, from 1.5 hours.

pinata Fri 24-Oct-08 21:13:43

my 10.5 month DD is rubbish at napping as well, so we now only have a morning one and her routine is:

6am - milk, back to sleep
8/8.30 - up for the day (lie ins - BLISS!)
9 - breakfast
10.30 - 12 - nap
12.30 - lunch and then out and about, doing whatever
2pm - snack (breadstick)
4pm - snack (fruit)
5.30 - dinner
6.45 - bathtime
7.15/30 - milk and bed

we had previously been getting up around 6 for the day, but now putting her down again means she gets an extra couple of hours sleep in the morning, so i'm less owrried about the afternoon nap

the only way she will have 2 naps a day is in the car on the way back from somewhere.

we also dropped her afternoon milk a few weeks ago, after she stopped drinking it

SmallShips Fri 24-Oct-08 21:31:30

Mine is 9mo

8am - wakes up, bf, weetabix, yog.
9am - plays on the floor/go out.
12 - lunch
12:30 - nap
14:30 - wakes up, has a snack.
15:00 - plays/go out.
16:30 dinner
17:30 bathtime
18:30 milk and bed.

Shes only just dropped her mid morning and mid afternoon milk feed. Rarely sleeps twice in the day anymore.

ratherbesleeping Fri 24-Oct-08 21:46:14

10 months

7.00 (ish) wake bf
7.45 Breakfast
9.00 Nap
10.00 Wake
11.00 ff
12.00 lunch
1pm Nap
3pm Wake ff
5pm Tea
6.30 Bath
6.45 milk / bed

Generally sleeps through
We do most of our outdoor activities eg playgroups/gymboree between 10.00 and 12.00 and he'll have his milk there.

AuntyViCtimoftheZombies Sat 25-Oct-08 17:25:46

At 10 1/2 months our standard day usually looks like this:
7.00 or slightly earlier - wake and milk, then get us both ready
8.00 or 8.30 - Breakfast
10ish - nap for about 1 hour or slightly longer
11 or 11.30 - milk
1ish - Lunch (may be quite a bit earlier or later though depending what we're doing)
2.00 - nap for around 2 hours usually
4 or 4.30 - sometimes has a snack and drink, esp. if tea will be late
5.30 or 6 - tea
7 - start bedtime routine: bath, milk, story and in bed around 7.45. Then nearly always sleeps till morning.

BUT it is quite variable as we are often out and about so sometimes his morning nap especially is earlier, or later, or split into 2 shorter naps (e.g. in pushchair on the way to an activity and then back again), and sometimes he misses a nap altogether. Also he is getting more variable himself so sometimes has his long nap in the morning instead or only has one nap. I read somewhere the characteristic of this age is "inconsistency" in routines and that sounds about right for us! But we try to just go with the flow. He does seem happier when he gets a good amount of sleep though.

I wonder if your DS is having his afternoon nap a bit too late and is maybe too tired to go to sleep easily by 3.30? Might be worth trying it a bit earlier as your routine looks fairly similar to ours apart from the bigger gap between his two naps. Our DS can't get to sleep if he's too tired, he gets hyper and shouty and keeps climbing up his cot!

pamelat Sat 25-Oct-08 19:24:23

DD 9.5 months

Wake 630am. Milk and breakfast
Between 8 and 830 - nap between half an hour to an hour (She gets very grumpy if I keep her up past 830am)
Always back up by 930am
Lunch 1145 ish
Nap 1215 - 130pm ish (sometimes this doesnt work)
2pm - milk (doesnt always drink it)
5 to 530pm - tea
615pm ish - milk
Bed by 630pm

Usually sleeps through.

However today she had half an hour in the morning, woke at 830am and was then awake until 430pm !! We were at a party and she refused to sleep or drink her milk. She then had an hours sleep at 430pm (eeek) and back down by 645pm, will see how tonight goes!

ummadam Sun 26-Oct-08 16:11:23

Thanks everyone, it looks like it might be worth trying pulling his afternoon nap a bit earlier and just accepting that some days he will nap longer than others. I hope he sorts himself out soon - is tired and grumpy much of the day but wants to be doing things all the time - I am having to be mean mummy and put him to bed when he doesn't really want to go but needs to.

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