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separation anxiety - 19 month old

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wittyusername Thu 23-Oct-08 15:41:02

My DD hates when I leave for work and cries when I go (though I'm told she forgets all about me 10 minutes later). She cries and whinges for about 10 minutes when I leave her with my mum and shows a preferenced for me over DH - so much so that it is starting to get him down.

She also is a bit shy in crowds such as large family gatherings though she is fine at toddler groups and gets stuck in straight away.

Any tips I can follow to help DD? When does separation anxiety wane?

lollystar Thu 23-Oct-08 20:29:35

It's best to leave quickly - kisses, cuddles, say good bye and leave. It's really hard, but it does fade eventually, and you know that she's being well looked after or she wouldn't settle. It does come back though, mine's 4 and she's started being quite clingy again.
It's really tough, but it's does pass.

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