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ds2 hitting his head and banging his head

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havingaparty Thu 23-Oct-08 11:17:12

ds2 has just turned 1 and has started hitting himself on the head with duplo bricks, toy cars and his hand. If I stop him he moves to the door and starts banging the back of his head on it. When he is in his car seat he bangs his head on that. If you give him a kiss he trys to bang his head off yours.
I have tried saying no, ignoring it putting him down etc nothing works.
He does it quite hard so has numerous bruises on his forehead and ds1 has a black eye after giving him a kiss good night.
Any ideas on how to stop him please?

bubblagirl Thu 23-Oct-08 16:49:38

i think ignoring it is only ay forward my sister was a head banger knocked herself out a few times from doing it

mum was advised to just keep iognoring as if mum paid any attention to it she done it even more she did just grow out of it

at that age they really dont know what no dont do that means its just a habit try and distract when doing it maybe get his attention to something else

szturner Fri 24-Oct-08 19:50:39

My dd 20mths started it a few months back but it was only occasional. I had seen something like this on Supernanny so knew to ignore it, so far it has seemed to work but she still has a tendency to smack herself in the face or to bite her arm when she gets frustrated. If however he is on a hard floor/wall, try moving him to a safer place (think supernanny used a bean bag), I then just ignored my DD. Once the tantrum was over I used to give her a cuddle/kiss to let her know that everything is ok. My DS used to bite his arm too (quite hard) and health visitor advised the same, just to ignore him. Hope this helps smile

havingaparty Fri 24-Oct-08 20:02:20

Thank you ladies.
Will carry on ignoring it and hope he stops soon.

ToviJovi Sat 25-Oct-08 16:11:01

Hi, know exactly how you feel, my little one started doing that just after his 1st B'day. To start off with he was doing it out of frustration, he was teething and was in alot of pain. However, he soon realised that it was a good way to get our attention. Like your little one he constantly had bruises on his forehead. We ignored it, but it can be difficult to do at times, try to distract him, if this doesn't work then just move him, without interacting with him, onto a floor cushion, where he'll come to no harm, but you don't reward him by giving him attention. Our boy is 18 months and has stopped banging his head. Good luck XX

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