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Tantrum tears

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badknees Wed 22-Oct-08 20:20:57

I have an almost 4year old girl who is very articulate & generally happy but at various opportunities will go into tears mode but this can escalate & carry on for ages...(biggest 45mins), any ideas on how to deal? Have tried patience, getting cross, thinking time etc etc any ideas welcome

thisisyesterday Wed 22-Oct-08 20:28:03

I would try and intervene before it gets to the tantrum stage.
and when she is calm maybe try and teach her some techniques for dealing with how she feels that don't involve screaming and crying.

explain to her that you can't understand what she is saying, and that you won't listen to her if she is trantrumming and crying, and that you need to find another way for her to tell you what is wrong.

if she does ahve a tantrum just ignore it. tell her that when she is ready to talk nicely to you then you'll listen to her.
don't necessarily leave her by herself, you can offer to give her a cuddle to calm her down or whatever, if she would like it

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