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How do you stop the inevitable tug of war between you and your toddler with various objects??

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Thankyouandgoodnight Wed 22-Oct-08 20:14:44

e.g. we had just arrived home and I had hands full with a double buggy, the baby and various other bit and pieces while trying to close the door. The toddler starts faffing with large item by the door which means I can't close it. We're all tired and I need to get dinner on etc etc etc. I ask toddler to come and help with x,y,z trying to distract. Deaf ears, so I ask her to leave said item alone etc etc and suddenly it's a game, so I try and prise toddler off item and it all just gets stupid. It irritates the hell out of me too - how do you stop this situation arising / resolve it quickly???? I end up becoming rather shouty blush

BlueBumedFly Wed 22-Oct-08 20:34:45

TYAGN - I wish I knew!! My tugs of war are over my car keys, every morning!! I have even resorted to giving her a set of her own but it has to be mine!

I try to leave her with anything that is not needed at that specific moment or dangerous. Or I do the 'WOW, LOOK WHAT MUMMY'S GOT even if I have nothing in an attempt to get her to drop it and run to me expectantly as I rummage around for a 'replacement' item.

If I am feeling really fed up and childish I grab the BELOVED pink bunny comforter thing and run in the opposite direction shouting 'Mummys got Ba-Ba, Mummys got Ba-Ba' ... usually has the desired effect..... very childish....

janou8 Thu 23-Oct-08 14:04:23

We have this too. What works for us is me asking DS to put the object somewhere very specific (especially if unusual/interesting to him), e.g. "oh you've got the please can you put them over there in that truck...well done clever boy!" (immediately retreive them and hide from his view!!!)
He is pleased with himself and you get your keys back!

kettlechip Thu 23-Oct-08 15:42:51

I hear this!! I always think as I'm doing it, that it isn't great parenting, but sometimes needs must when you just have to get out of the door.
Like your idea, janou8

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