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Nearly 2 year old suddenly getting up and down from the table at dinner time!

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Thankyouandgoodnight Tue 21-Oct-08 21:24:39

It's driving me mad! Will it just stop eventually or should I be 'doing' something about it. I really don't want meal times to be stressful but do want good manners. I know she's too young really BUT...perhaps she isn't. I think she's distracted and wants to play. I usually say she can get down if she's finished and she hops down and then starts asking to watch a DVD / get me to play with her so I say that I will after dinner etc. She will always come back to sit down 3 or 4 times to eat some more. Today after all the malarky and she had seemingly finished, I put some of her dinner in a small bowl and gave it to her on the sofa and then she ate it, so she's obviously still hungry.

What do you think?

ceebee74 Tue 21-Oct-08 21:32:39

I have no advice but my DS (2.3) is exactly the same - ever since we took him out of his booster seat and let him sit on a proper chair which was about when he turned 2.

Tbh, we just carry on eating our meal and let him get up and down - although I never give him the food to eat elsewhere - he knows it is the table or not at all. Unfortunately, as he is apparently able to exist of fresh air, he usually opts for the 'not at all' option hmm

Am hoping thinking it is just a phase.........

Will watch this thread though to see if anyone has any advice!

S1ur Tue 21-Oct-08 21:36:42

Think you just have to relax about it.

2 years is young to sit through whole meal, some children will but, most find it hard.

I'd ebforce some controllable rules, like no tv during dinner for eg but if she wants to get down, she could ask and then play quietly until ready to come back.

Key for me is - it IS mealtime so everyone else wants to be able to enjoy meal and chat to each other, if she wants to join in then great if not then she can be polite about it, but not forced to stay.

(my ds (2) is the same, but asks "me, down, please?" first. softens the annoyance!)

ceebee74 Tue 21-Oct-08 21:39:32

Slur has reminded me of something - we always have the TV switched off when we are eating.

deanychip Tue 21-Oct-08 21:39:50

defo too young, mine is 5 and does this.

i give him targets,ie eat 10 fork fulls and then you can get down.
he has soemthing to focus on, and counts with us it kinda works mostly.

but telly goes off at meal times, and we sit at the table.
soemtimes we read Topsy & Tim while eating, this keeps him at the table too.
choose your battles is my advice.

cory Wed 22-Oct-08 09:17:09

Oh, it will take a few years of stress before those of us who want them get the type of oldfashioned mealtime we deserve. Just try to make sure that the stress is not felt too much by her, try to suffer in silence.

Two is probably a bit young anyway- the approach of previous posters sounds good.

By the time they are school age I would be firmer (after all, they can't run around during school dinners).

But I have to tell you that it's only since ds turned 8 that mealtimes have finally developed into those relaxed happy family occasions some of us remember from our early years. Have to say it's definitely worth it though. Just try not to stress too much before you get there.

Thankyouandgoodnight Wed 22-Oct-08 13:53:25

Thanks everyone. She used to sit down until she was full, until about 2 weeks ago, which is where my confusion has come from.

The other thing is that at nursery they all sit until they've finished, so if they can get her to do it, why can't I?

I am also wondering if it has stemmed from me doing 'carpet breakfasts' twice a week (to make my life easier in terms of getting it altogether and clearing it up afterwards) - perhaps I need to get back to all meals being at the table again?

S1ur Wed 22-Oct-08 13:57:43

lol they can get them to do almost anything at nurseries!

I once arrived to find about 16 children ranged from 12m-2year olds sitting ever so neatly next to each and passing round a plate of snacks to each other, having only taken one.

I think they drug them.

Acinonyx Wed 22-Oct-08 16:37:06

That is so true Slur - I could never get dd to eat or sleep like they do at nursery. They must bribe them with chocolate.

Dd is 3 and I don't try very hard to keep her at the table. I don't see the point TBH. She knows there are different rules in different places. We have somewhat lost the plot with the 'only eat in the kitchen' rule too.

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