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A Little Bit of Hope or A Glimpse of the Future

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theinsider Tue 21-Oct-08 13:31:34

My oldest DS is now 3.7 and I just realised as I wiped his bottom that I haven't had to do anything about his going to the toilet for days. I haven't thought about his toiletting for days .

He can (and does) go by himself, wipe himself (within reason). He's also out the house half the day at nursery school where, if required, someone helps him who is not me .

It just struck me as such a breakthough I wanted to give hope to anyone struggling with potty-training, or with a baby who fills 8 nappies a day. smile

And I wondered if there's anyone with slightly older children who can give me hope about whether he'll ever expand his dietary horizons, or stop wanting me to get up at 3am to tuck him in, or co-operate with having his hair washed, or any of the million other things which have me pulling my hair out regularly? smile

Acinonyx Tue 21-Oct-08 16:36:25

Lucky you. My 3.3 yr-old stillisn't potty trained. I despair!

theinsider Tue 21-Oct-08 20:17:18

Acinonyx that's my point, don't despair the darkest hour is just before dawn and all that guff.

He's been an absolute dream for the last 24 hours, an real pleasure to have around. I'm sure it won't last but it almost feels like something's finally clicked, I can see a day when the terrible twos might be finished. smile

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