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13 month dd not crawling, bum shuffling or standing. Should i worry???

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barnsleybelle Mon 20-Oct-08 13:46:26

My 13 month dd is not making any attempts to move!
She wait quite late sitting tbh... about 7-8 months. She does now sit unaided and can stretch forward and will push up with her feet for 10 seconds only. She can also move around in a circle but bottom doesn't move.

She can't, stand, bum shuffle, sit up from laying down, crawl etc.

Her development in other areas is great. She can say 10-15 words and eats, sleeps, plays like a trooper. She's a very contended sole and doesn't seem frustrated that she can't move.

Ds was also late to walk (18 months) but was commando crawling very speedily by this age.

HV and paed (who sees her for dairy allergy) have examined her and said there seems to be no physical reasons why she can't do it?

Any tips, reassurance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

barnsleybelle Mon 20-Oct-08 13:48:10

Can i just add, that she doesn't push up on her feet from sitting. It's just when i hold her up she will push through her feet for 10 seconds only... just read my post and it sounded a bit misleading!!

FangolinaJolly Mon 20-Oct-08 13:50:09

Can she weight bear if you stand her against something?

She is probably just a late walker

I flagged dd to HV at 15 months,she sat at 9 and bumshuffled at 15,but no crawling.

She had other dev.issues,though.

needmorecoffee Mon 20-Oct-08 13:50:44

If the paed is aware of it and you've asked directly if there could be anything wrong with muscle control, hips, knees, joints etc etc then she is probably just late.
If she doesn't do anything by 18 months I'd want another opinion.

barnsleybelle Mon 20-Oct-08 13:51:51

Thanks Fango... I have tried standing her against something, but again it's for 10 secs max before she drops. I can't even take my hands off her.

FangolinaJolly Mon 20-Oct-08 13:52:09

Yep,second NMC.

barnsleybelle Mon 20-Oct-08 13:54:56

Thanks NMC..

She hates being on her tummy too, won't even push up with her arms, just lays and cries til i pick her up!

needmorecoffee Mon 20-Oct-08 13:58:28

I think I'd be wondering but wouldn't do anything till later.

asteamedpoater Mon 20-Oct-08 17:16:50

My son was similar, although also couldn't roll over at that age and was extremely bothered by not being able to move. We got physiotherapy for him from 15 months (having been reviewed at 13 months by a paediatrician - the waiting list for the physio to see him was about 2 months...), which was a colossal help - he was rolling over very soon afterwards, which then meant he could learn to get himself from lying to sitting, soon progressing to bottom shuffling, crawling just before 18 months and walking by 23 months. He is extremely hypermobile (loose jointed) and has slightly low muscle tone, and needed piedro boots at first to assist his walking (orthopaedic boots to support the ankles). Like your daughter, he was otherwise extremely bright, although the low tone and hypermobility did mean he also had trouble dealing with toys that required a lot of force to operate (I used to get quite cross that a lot of toddler toys had to be whacked pretty hard to get them to make the noises, etc, as he just couldn't produce the force required, yet could spin a peg puzzle piece delicately in his hand to fit it into it's proper place, and build a beautiful tower of little bricks...).

He is now 4.5 years and has a diagnosis of ehlers danlos syndrome hypermobile type (a mild connective tissue disorder), which explains most of the problems he had. These days he is very physically active and the hypermobility is becoming much less of an issue (although there is a possibility he will get joint pain later on). However, it has taken him this much time to more or less catch up with his peers - until recently, it was still noticeable that he couldn't run very fast, hop, climb stairs normally, etc.

Hypermobility is quite a common cause of late crawling/bottom shuffling and late walking, so maybe hypermobility around your daughter's hips is a bit of an issue? Is anyone in your family loose jointed? Whatever it is, I would thoroughly recommend physiotherapy if your daughter hasn't found some means of locomotion in the next month or two.

asteamedpoater Mon 20-Oct-08 17:18:45

ps I only ask about the hypermobility because it wasn't picked up on with my son at first (or the hypotonia), so being told there was no physical reason for his delays was really not true... he had to be reviewed by a paediatrician before we got anywhere with helping him.

pushkar Mon 20-Oct-08 17:31:01

seek further opinion. my son lay in a frog like position and eventually at 10 months i was told he was hippotonic...i.e weak muscle tone, low tone, not all babies bum shuffle! seek an assessment from the paediatrician or her team....they never want to do these things early, but the earlier the more likely early intervention will help,hippotonnia can cause mile stone delay like it did for my son walked at 3 etc., seek another opinion

asteamedpoater Mon 20-Oct-08 19:52:33

pps Our son's paed didn't think there were any obvious reasons for our son's delay at first, either, although she did refer him to physiotherapy anyway. It was the physiotherapist who commented that he was the most hypermobile child she had ever worked with - and subsequently, his hypermobility and hypotonia appeared on the paed's reports. So, even if your paed doesn't think there's any obvious physical reason for your daughter not moving about yet, if you are getting worried I would ask her to get your daughter referred to a paediatiric physiotherapist for a bit of help - it's hardly going to do your daughter's development any harm, after all, to be put on a waiting list...

ivykaty44 Mon 20-Oct-08 19:54:38

my 1st dd walked at 12 months. My 2nd dd didn't bum shuffle, didn't roll over, never crawled and seddenly walked in the matter of a week when she got to 17 months. So no dont worry just enjoy smile

Twelvelegs Mon 20-Oct-08 19:56:00

My ds2 and dda both walked at 19 & 20 months!!! Crawled so late others were walking before them.

barnsleybelle Mon 20-Oct-08 20:06:35

Thank you so very much for all the very helpful replies.

Asteam.... Thanks for the taking the time to write such an informative post. It was extremely interesting to read. I am going to google your diagnosis. I will also seek a referral asap. Thanks

ivykaty and twelvelegs... It does help to hear of other late movers that have got there eventually..

Thanks again to all...

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