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What happened to my 12 hour nights?!?!?! HELP!!!

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ChezzaB Sun 19-Oct-08 21:46:36

Hi my ds will be 7mo next week and he was doing fantastic with his sleeping and going 12 hours from quite early on, however this last week or so he has been waking up at 4.30 each morning and not going back to sleep! He already has 2 teeth and got through that ok so am guessing that although he is teething it isn't due to that! It's not even as if he is upset when he wakes he just wakes! I just don't get it! Other than the fact that I'm always tired cos I've got used to him sleeping through he is also tired so this is why i really don't understand cos he is actually tired! Please help!!!!!

divedaisy Sun 19-Oct-08 22:19:27

Check to see if he has a temperature. Cud be teething pains. Or a growth spurt - he cud be hungry. Wot I'd try (if he appears medically OK) is to give him something more substantial at bedtime (baby cereal or something like that) that will fill him up a wee bit more. Also I'd try giving hime some calpol.
Cud he be too hot or cold? Dirty nappy?

I also would sort him out - change nappy, give bottle, quick hug and then put him back down - dont stay with him. I know this may sound harsh, but so long as he's safe in his cot he'll not come to any harm.

If it persists talk to your GP or HV about it. x

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