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Learning new Makaton signs seem to have slowed down.

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FangolinaJolly Sat 18-Oct-08 23:03:57

The background:

dd has limited speech at nearly 3. started makaton signing.

She has several signs-


However,recemntly this has tailed off with regard to learning.She is totally focussed on her physical development at the moment.

I am also using photos as a communication aid.

Should I worry?Or is it just she is so wrapped up in the physical stuff I should concentrate on that and go back to the signing later?


feelingbitbetter Sun 19-Oct-08 20:28:11

Could it be she has enough signs for her needs for the moment? The fact that she is focussed on something else is good. She is still learning - just in another area at the mo.
Not that I have any experience at all of this (yet), but I think if I could sign drink, eat and cake, that'd do me for a bit while I learn to get around.
Someone far more knowledgeable will be about soon, I'm sure, but I didn't want to leave you unanswered.
She sounds great. You must be very proud grin

FangolinaJolly Sun 19-Oct-08 20:31:17

I did think that when she learned cake quickly,(much quicker than other signs) "Well,there's a girl after my own heart

TotalChaos Sun 19-Oct-08 20:44:28

lol at eating cake being all a girl needs grin

I wonder whether giving her an incentive to sign might be an idea - so trying to work on "again" or "open" or "help" or "more" by signing that at the appropriate point, then eventually waiting for her to sign that before, say, giving her more cake or juice. Also may be worth encouraging her to combine signs - e.g. eat AND cake.

FangolinaJolly Sun 19-Oct-08 20:50:08


We are currently working on doing combined stuff with Portage with regard to play stuff,ie sitting at table with dolly and teddy and getting her to "Give Teddy a drink" or "Give dolly a drink" so she has to make a choice.I will try starting to get her to make more of a choice re signing rather than just giving in straight away when she signs More,see how it goes!

She has come on leaps and bounds physically, and is now zooming around on her Kaye walker,this seems to be all she wants to do at the moment,we are outside an awful lot.She shrieks with excitement at the merest hint we are off outside for a walk!

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