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when do toddler start to run normal

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justamom Mon 07-Mar-05 00:04:30

just a question. my dd still runs like he just started to run....arms up in the air and waddles like a child younger than him. i want to just "not see it" but other people notice it too...they giggle and stuff not being mean just not expecting it.
he was 2 1/2 months early. lots of being sick. several hosp. stays. and behind verbally....... he has gotten way more stabel walking and looks almost right, but when the run kicks in, he is so uncordinated.he still bumps stuff
.oh....he started walking when he was about 12 13 months and he is 21 months...........any one.........

joash Mon 07-Mar-05 00:12:23

GS is 2 and 2 months - and he's only just started running, still loses his balance more often than not. Just relax, it'll come when he's ready.

bobbybob Mon 07-Mar-05 00:13:37

Ds is 2 and still runs as if he has a broom sideways up his bottom.

mummylonglegs Mon 07-Mar-05 09:38:33

My dd was a very wobbly runner at that age, she looked like a wind-up toy, once going she couldn't stop and if she stopped she'd fall over! She walked around 12 months too. She's 2.5 now and runs quite well.

justamom Mon 07-Mar-05 17:13:31

thank you for the insurance....babyboy had had such a hard is really hard to just relax sometimes when you have been on guard for so long...i feel like if i don't fix it then no one else will. and in the end my child will pay for my neglegence.
just for an example....since he came home about 2 1/2 months old he was always ill, i mean always. really really really sick.....well i repeatedly asked the ped. if it could be possible that allergies was causing some of this...(persistant asthma)he said no and "not to worry, he'll grow out of it" well i finally pushed for the allergy test only 1 month ago...he is allergic to everything!! well they tested for 32 things and he is not allergic to
this may be why i am so anal about every little thing.
When we all started to notice the run and a few other things it was like "oh no!" but thanks

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