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3.5 yr old going in the huff!!

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lorne Thu 27-Feb-03 18:24:03

My ds seems to be always going in the huff these days for the slightest thing. He is a happy boy but if he doesn't get his own way he crosses his arms and says 'It is not fair, I am not your friend anymore' Is this normal or not? I just ignore him when he goes like this but it is hard sometimes not to give him a row for it. He seems to be getting cheekier to me as well, is this a stage too?

SoupDragon Thu 27-Feb-03 18:56:28

Absolutely normal and I *hope* it's a stage DS1 hasn't grown out of it at 4 though.

Scatterbrain Thu 27-Feb-03 19:21:41

lorne, my dd has just started this too at 28 months - I swear she sulks with me !! Sometimes she won't look at me and won't answer me - it's like having a mini teenager in the house !

I also hope it's a phase - but haven't got a clue really !

batey Thu 27-Feb-03 20:08:25

Oh please dont get me going on this one! My dd2 is 3 in 2 months and forever stropping/huffing/sulking and pouting!! It drives me mad! I generally leave her to it unless she's misunderstood something that needs explaining. I'm hoping it's a phase, dd1 didn't do it to this degree, so we'll see.

She also slams doors in a huff! God help us when her hormones kick in!!!??

lorne Thu 27-Feb-03 20:53:34

Thank you all for your replies. Batey, my ds too slams the door. It drives me mad but as you all say hopefully it is just a phase that he is going through.It is very hard to ignore sometimes but I will just have to try. Thanks again.

megg Fri 28-Feb-03 18:18:38

Hi Lorne, how's your ds getting on at nursery now? Mine's fine, its the picking him up and getting him home is the problem (see other thread). We went to see the nursery owner today as ds' keyworker is leaving next week and we didn't want the problems we had before and she says she's seen kids well behaved all day (she was a headmistress of a school for many years) and as soon as the parents turn up that's it they're horrible. Always the same isn't it? The little darlings are great for other people and then test you all the way when they're with you. My ds said he wanted to change me for another mammy because I was telling him off about something. Turns out he wants to change me for a blue dinosaur mammy lol.

lorne Fri 28-Feb-03 18:53:53

Hi Megg,

Thanks for your message. My ds seems to be getting on fine as far as I know. The only thing they did mention was about him going into a huff last week. Seemingly there were 4 boys mucking about when they were waiting to get their snack served but when they wouldn't calm down the nursery teacher took away their snacks. The other 3 boys accepted this but not my ds. I think he was very upset.They know he loves his food so it probably did upset him. They do grace before they serve the snack so I don't think he was too happy about this. I talked to him about it so as far as I know he was fine this week. It is the huffing stage I am going through just now. He just likes everything his own way and lo and behold if he doesn't get it!!I just try to ignore it but it is difficult. He has started running away on me too when we come out of nursery so it isn't easy but we will get there (I hope!!)

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