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DS1 (2.7) moaning in his sleep - quite a lot...

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MogTheForgetfulCat Sun 12-Oct-08 21:39:04

Anyone experienced this? Has been for several days in a row now. Have had him checked out at doc's - no temp, ear/throat infection etc. Occasionally he has said his neck is itching hmm - he did have an insect bite there, and had chickenpox a couple of months ago, but both long gone. Am at a bit of a loss...

Some nights it is so bad that we have ended up bringing him into our bed, as he is just moaning, going back to sleep, then moaning again half an hour later. It is quite loud! He seems to settle if gently shushed and tucked in etc, but last night when DH went to get him, he said that he felt him wake up as he lifted him, so it seems that DS is barely even awake when he is doing this.

Any ideas? Doesn't sound distressed enough for nightmares, tbh. Growth/developmental spurt? Phase? Maybe relevant that we are having shocking nights with DS2 (0.7) although I don't think DS1 hears DS2, the moaning doesn't necessarily coincide with the times when we are trying to settle screaming DS2. Help!

elmoandella Sun 12-Oct-08 21:52:22

careful what he's watching on tv. my ds had sleeples nights after that advert they had on in evenings where the girl get runs down and then comes back to life. dont know why they show that at only 7pm!!hmm

we have to censor whats on tv before bed.

but is either of you or dh talk in your sleep.

thats heriditary. i also talk in my sleep. full conversations or just snippets. and ds talks and moans in his sleep to.

MogTheForgetfulCat Mon 13-Oct-08 10:08:38

Hmmmm, he doesn't watch TV (PFB, you know!) - just Postman sodding Pat or Bob the sodding Builder on a loop after tea. Or, if we're feeling racy, Fireman Sam.

But he did it last night around 1, and DH went to him and asked him what was wrong and he muttered something about a story - so maybe there is something that has got into his head and is bothering him a bit. Can't think what, but he is a touchy little thing, so it wouldn't take much to upset his equilibrium. Just that the moaning is a new, and not terribly welcome, manifestation of it. Oh well.

elmoandella Tue 14-Oct-08 08:46:19

my ds is a bit "sensitive " as dp calls it.

you'll need to pay close atention to what he's moaning about. you wont know what it is till then.

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