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So DS1 has handed the Tantrum Mantle to DS2, DS1 now likes to run away when we are out......wwyd??!!

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geraldinetheluckygoat Fri 10-Oct-08 16:04:05

After a breif period of calm with the kids, their new trick is for DS2 to do the arched back stiff body full on screaming tantrum whenever I try to get him in car seat/buggy. This I can handle, I just manhandle him in and get straps done up. BUT, ds2 has taken to running in opposite direction while this is happening, in town today, while I was trying to get ds2 in buggy in a cafe (which took a couple of minutes), ds1 had legged it up stairs, out into shopping centre. I had family with me so was able to abandon buggy and go after ds1, who all the time was laughing manically and was just out of control angry. I shouted really loudly at him to stop, but this of course just drove him on!! Once I got him, I made him sit in buggy, but had to fight to get him in, and the whole situation was embarassing and i felt like i dealt with it craply.
When we got home, he ran off right down the street as i was opening the front door. He loves the chase, other bad behavour, i try to just ignore, or put him in his room to calm down if he is really ridiculous, but cant really ignore this as he could get lost /go somewhere unsafe. Anyone have any advice for me?

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