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dd 20 months violently headbanging at bedtime

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Killerheels Thu 03-Mar-05 22:44:56

I'm at the end of my tether. My 20 month old daughter who used to go to bed awake in her cot and then sleep for at least 12 hours, has suddenly refused to go to sleep unless I'm in the room, singing, holding hands etc,etc. Whenever I try controlled crying she gets so hysterical she starts headbanging really violently on the rail of her cot and also tries to make herslef sick as she knows I can't ignore that. It was so bad one night we ended up in casualty. Everything I've read on the subject says it's normal for toddlers and babies to head bang rhythmically as a comfort thing. I feel with my daughter it's sheer temper and attention seeking - and, interestingly enough, she only ever does it for me!!! She falls asleep immediately for babysitters! Everyone says to ignore her and she'll stop, but sometimes the bruises on her head look horrendous and I'm sure she must ne doing herself some damage. Please help!

Frizbe Thu 03-Mar-05 22:47:30

Saw a babywhisperer programme on this once on Discovery Chanel, might be worth ringing them up for details/trying to get hold of a copy of a vid about it/one of the Babywhisperer books...seem to remember they padded the whole cot out, but can't remember much else about that bit, the kid was also a floor head banger, so they gave him a big cushion to bash on, oh sorry I wish I could remember more about it....

Killerheels Thu 03-Mar-05 23:05:45

Thx, Frizbe - will check out baby whisperer website no. Dd has just woken up again!!!!

tonkin Thu 03-Mar-05 23:07:47

Yeah I saw the same thing on baby whispers as well.
The idea for the padding and the floor cushion is because at there age, they can't fully understand there feelings and head banging/butting is a form of getting out there frustration.
My dd does the same thing when she is mad or upset but I try my best to ignore her,or give her no sympathy when she hurts herself
this has calmed her down a little.
Hope this will help a bit{wink}

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