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TOO SPIKY!! Socks/Tights without seams - can you help?

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SueMunch Thu 09-Oct-08 12:54:08

Both my children (boy 5, girl 3) have major issues with putting on socks and tights.

I think this is pretty common and the problems seems to be that the seams sticl into their feet making them uncomfortable - or in their words TOO SPIKY!

Does anyone know od a source of socks and tights that don't have these seams - every morning turns into a battle over putting them on and its driving me nuts!

whoops Thu 09-Oct-08 12:55:32

my ds was like that I would tell him to either put up with it or turn his socks inside out

SueMunch Thu 09-Oct-08 14:26:59

That's a good idea but trickier with tights.

I was wondering if anyone has had the same experience and how they delt with it.

I have tried saying that she can go to school in her pants but this has not really worked!

Its just one of those little things that can really slow you down.

FabNails Thu 09-Oct-08 14:39:23

Oooh, I've have terrible problems in my house with just this issue for 3 years now!
DD(6) hates the seam being right on the end of her toes. We spend ages fiddling around in the morning.
Lots of fabric softener can make the seams less noticeable (but you've gotta get over the cost/environmental concerns)
I've found the seams on Opaque-look (40denier) looks tights seem more 'adjustable' than those on woolly ones.
However, she is growing out of it. It's always harder after school holidays when she's back into school socks.
Good luck.

bongosmum Thu 09-Oct-08 14:44:08


John Lewis have the stitching on socks (not sure about tights) on the outside. Really didn't think about it being a problem until i bought their socks and thought the stitching on the outside was a fault!!

katiek123 Thu 09-Oct-08 16:01:08

suemunch - i used to have a n i g h t m a r e with my DD and tights. she's now a bit older (7) and therefore (a fraction) more mellow thankfully but yes i feel for you. i never got round to looking for seams on the outside but i blimmin' well wish i had! good luck!

ACL Fri 10-Oct-08 09:53:43


We buy fab pjs from - Cotton Comfort. We have just had their latest catalogue in the post (I find this better than the website). Here is some info re socks and tights but you need to see the catalogue really or phone the excellent helpline (01772 331815 - Mon to Fri 10 - 4 pm - you may get diverted to the sales line if they are busy so I suggest ringing back later as the helpline staff are very knowledgeable).

Children's socks
Knee Socks - flat, hand linked toe seams are mentioned £15 for 3 pairs - grey, white, red, navy - all sorts of sizes; 100% cotton from controlled biological cultivation; code C41
Ankle socks - as above incl info re seams but more colours - sea green, bottle green, natural, plum, raspberry, loganberry, denim mix, royal; £12 for 3 pairs Code 33

Children Tights
Flat knit tights - looks seamless on the photo but not sure - navy, white, pale pink, pale blue £8; code C38
Soft Ribbed tights - flat hand linked toe seam - raspberry, grey, natural, bottle, plum, royal, cherry, navy - £8 - £12 Code C28

Yes rather pricey but you get what you pay for with this firm. The pjs are seamless. The labels are sewn on the outside and can be cut off.

Alternative ideas - what about foot massages to help them get used to touch? Are they sensitive to touch eg hair brushing/combing, towels, paint and anything wet? This can be a clue that someone has dyspraxia or sensory processing disorders (needing sensory integration to help adjust to this). My children are hypermobile and have sensory processing issues, as above, plus dislike of loud sounds etc. Occupational Therapy ideas have really helped. Gone way off topic here but thought I should add this in case it is useful.

Good luck with the school run and dressing! Oh yes, would a mirror help beside them to help them adjust the tights etc?


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