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How can I stop my 1 year old hitting her siblings and other children.

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greedygreedyguzzler Wed 08-Oct-08 13:58:54

my dd is nearly one. i know she is very young but i am sure there must be some way i can try and stop her from hitting other children. she bum shuffles around, so isnt particularly mobile but if anyone comes too close to her she hits them or grabs there hair or just claws at them. She is mean!

my other two dc never really did the hitting or throwing thing, so im not sure hwo to deal with it.

im pretty sure she understands 'no' but it certainly doesnt stop her.

help please!

meandmyjoe Wed 08-Oct-08 20:54:08

Awww she's not mean lol, she's just experimenting. My ds is 14 months and headbutts everyone at the minute, he doesn't do it particularly hard and he smiles when he does it so it's not hurting him but me and dh are just saying "no" firmly then putting him down on the floor and ignoring him for about 30 seconds. Often he cries when we do this but ignore it then when he's calmed down we praise him for calming down and continue whatever we were doing. He tends to smack too when he walks up to us and he wants attention but we do the same. I think she's too young to do anything else really as she won't understand any punishment. Just be consistant she'll learn, ds is getting the message with the headbutting he only does it now when he gets too excited or giddy.

jollydo Wed 08-Oct-08 23:52:49

You could also try, when she starts to hit etc., showing her how to say hello gently instead, taking her hand and helping her to touch or showing her how to wave. (I did that with my toddler whenever he "patted" the cat rather roughly and now he strokes her gently instead - or tries to sit on her hmm I'll have to work on that one...) At that young age she's definately not doing it maliciously so don't worry!

greedygreedyguzzler Fri 10-Oct-08 20:48:24

i hope you are right, cos i am not sure how long my other two will put up with it before they retaliate!

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