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14 month old with tummy bug, advice needed!!!

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meandmyjoe Wed 08-Oct-08 11:41:42

14 month old ds has caught a sickness and diarhoea bug. I had it 4 days ago and recovered after about 48 hours. He started with it at 11pm Monday, I asked the doctor's yesterday but said to go back in 48 hours if no better but he hasn't actually been sick since 3am this morning. He is very sleepy and grumpy. Also has a slight temperaure. He has kept water down and has nibbled on crackers and dry toast this morning and so far hasn't had diarhoea since yesterday. Just wondering if anyone knows what to offer to eat and when to offer milk again? He's eaten hardly anything for 2 days now and I'm worried. Thanks!

Niecie Wed 08-Oct-08 11:48:37

The BRAT diet is often recommended for small children - Banana, rice, apple sauce (US thing so probably cooked apple) and toast.

It generally takes longer to clear up in babies and toddlers than older children and adults ime. Don't be surprised if the diarrhoea goes on for a week, although it does sound as if your DS is recovering.

Don't really know about the milk. If you are bf then it is OK to carry on but I think, if the diarrhoea has stopped then it would be OK to offer some other kind of milk today.

gingerninja Wed 08-Oct-08 11:54:47

Just try dry stuff like a biscuit, bread or crackers. I wouldn't give him anything fatty or acidic as it'd aggravate his stomach. Small portions (including little sips of water) and often, not lots all in one go.

Give him until this eve before offering milk but it won't harm him if you waited until tomorrow. He needs water to keep his temp down but keep it to little sips as lots on an empty stomach all at once might be a bit much.

My DD had gastroenteritis about the same age and hardly ate a thing for maybe a week. I'm sure he'll be fine if he's drinking and nibbling.

meandmyjoe Wed 08-Oct-08 13:34:38

Thanks very much both of you. Was just very concerned as he seemed so sleepy but as woke up now and has had a bit of a rice cake and sipped some water. He seems better with regards to the sickness and diarhoea but actually seems more grumpy and tired than he did yesterday so not sure if he's recovering or not. The day after I had the sickness I felt very achey and a bit crap so just hoping it's that and that he'll be on the mend soon. Thanks again I was a bit concerned he'd waste away but he's fairly chunky so should be OK for a few days.

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