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Health visitor says he needs more time -again !!

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louismama Wed 02-Mar-05 22:30:32

Hi, im back again mom to 20 month ds who has very little understanding and only babble. Im out in spain with ds & dh. Im all confused again ds has phsio for hypoyonis and therapy for global delay, the pychologist at the centre he attends thinks he should see audiologist and neurologist so i have spoke to health visitor (as i cant take him out here as the language is such a barrier for me) hv still thinks im are overeacting but has said she will see him again before referring ds to Child dev centre but has agreed to refer him to audiologist asap. I got into a bit of a state in office at therapy centre the other day when i was explaining through a translator, that i am really worried about ds and that i have been doing alot of reading lately and i think ds displays many signs of autistic behaviour recently the pycologist said it is in her mind but she cant give dx. One minute im worried to death the next kicking myself for overeacting. Hv says theres not alot that can be done for ds until hes over 2 anyway but i keep reading early intervention is the key to overcoming language delay. Im feed up of observing ds constantly i do it without thinking hes my first and i adore him i just want to enjoy him and be able to stop worrying but its so hard because my insinct is telling me theres something not right. i swear its driving me mad

louismama Wed 02-Mar-05 22:32:01

Sorry hypotonia 2nd line was supposed to say i never remember to check spelling when im stressed

coppertop Wed 02-Mar-05 22:37:20

I don't understand why the HV isn't listening to the Psych's opinion. If a Psych has some concerns then surely the HV should be following them up rather than adopting a wait-and-see approach?

louismama Wed 02-Mar-05 22:39:57

No nor me i wouldnt mention autism to her as dh was in room and would have gone mad but i did say that his current therapists are concerned.

coppertop Wed 02-Mar-05 22:46:17

Is there someone else who could refer ds to the CDC for you? With ds1 it was the SALT who referred us. With ds2 we bypassed the HV completely and ds1's portage worker made the referral directly to the Paed for us.

louismama Thu 03-Mar-05 00:19:33

SALT? Spech and language therapist? How do i get intouch with them thought hv had to do all referals. Think shes being abit reluctant due to the spain issue - thing is if ds needs long term therapy after dx will go back if 4 good if need be

Jimjams Thu 03-Mar-05 09:02:05

Can the psychologist not refer? Or is there a dr that can?

DH's are always behind mums in noticing btw - has he spoken to the psych?

Know what you mean about observing and therefor enot enjoying the child- it was the same for me with ds1 (until we started to get seen then it got easier).

mamadadawahwah Thu 03-Mar-05 16:21:00

Louismama, i made my own referral to the speech therapy department. Just phone them and tell them you are concerned, very concerned and what him seen asap. Ask to be put on a cancellation list. And try not to do what I and many others have done, and worry yourself sick. (as i say that, i am worried sick) but i am starting to realise that one jot of worry isnt going to change anything, apart from being an incentive to "get things done". Also, dont take any pat answers. I was told at ds first assessment last week that therapy wouldnt be good for him as he is too young (just turned two) that it might make him turn off of it. Absurd! Get him all the help he is entitled to as quickly as possible. Hey, if he dosent need it, who cares, you wont lose anything except more sleep. But if he does need it, the sooner the better, that you get in the queue. Many many parents in the same boat as you including myself. So dont think you are alone. The answers are out there, its just a matter of time. But in my humble opinion, dont let anyone delay you in getting help which you think your child needs.

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