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Moany, moany, moany 16 mo. Eye teeth, jealousy of new baby, something else?

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twelveyeargap Tue 07-Oct-08 11:58:57

Or a bit of everything?
DD2 is 16 months. Baby brother arrived 2 months ago, coinciding with her starting to only take one nap a day, despite really needing two. Her first molar teeth came through about three months ago and we're waiting on the eye teeth. I think I can see the buds pushing at the front of her gums, but it's hard to tell as she won't let me go near her mouth.

She's not impressed with the baby and generally tries to hurt him a lot. Lots of head patting which turns into scratching his head and face and so on. I believe this iss "normal" and am trying to deal with it now, by giving him the attention for it, rather than her and spending time with her alone, when he's asleep.

Anyway, the main point of this rather rambling post is that she is moaning constantly. She never seems happy and it's really worrying me now. Up til recently, (but can't put my finger on an exact time it changed) she was really sunny. Went to bed each night very happily, got up smiling in the morning and we didn't hear a peep all night. She was always happy in the day time. Now she seems to moan all day, whinge, complain, throw herself on the floor and so on. She naps at midday for a couple of hours, wakes up grumpy and spends the rest of the afternoon moaning, interspersed with playing until it's time for a bath. She goes into bed ok, but moans a lot until she falls asleep, then has frequent "half wakings" where she moans in her sleep.

Is this just a phase where she's asserting her independence, is frustrated by not being able to talk properly and isn't quite getting enough sleep? Or should I be worried that she's actually unhappy or ill? (She's just getting over bronchiolitis, but didn't have it very bad, and has stopped coughing etc). Is she just run down?

I'm normally very chilled out about my kids health, being of a "they bounce back" mindset, but this is really bothering me now.

Thanks for any thoughts!

twelveyeargap Tue 07-Oct-08 12:00:57

Should add that she eats well, snacks frequently, drinks plenty.

Themasterandmargaritas Tue 07-Oct-08 19:56:25

Hey you, I didn't see this earlier. Sorry to hear you are having a tough time just now. It really does sound like it's her teeth. J went through a really moany stage just as they were arriving and all 4 seem to arrive exactly the same time. The give away for me is the moaning in her sleep. Have you been dosing her up with Calpol/Nurofen? This sounds like one of those times when it would do no harm to pile it on and see if it makes a difference.

Fwiw, J is also now doing a lot of throwing himself on the floor, more last week when he was ill and was beside himself. Also he has just discovered hitting and is enjoying it immensely so if a baby was around he would, for sure, try to hit him!

Have you tried bringing nap time forward a little, just by half an hour, sometimes that helps when they are not feeling on top form?

Good luck, we are all thinking of you lots, hopefully it won't last long and then she will be back on her usual sunny form. smile

How is the baby? Give him a squidge from me. Are you managing to get out and about at all? We all miss you.

JamInMyWellies Wed 08-Oct-08 17:05:46

TYG I would say its normal I also have the most incredibly whingy moany grumpy cherub. A also has changed to one nap a day after lunch I often end up giving him his lunch at 11! and then he goes down for 3 hours. We have had a tooth through recently so it might be that but I do think they seem to go through a stage of being miserable little gits at this age. He also does the throwing himself on the floor thing we have put it down to his inability to communicate properly and the tooth thing. Scoot, SOH and I are meant to be meeting up in a couple of wks in Cambridge do you fancy coming?

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