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Hww much milk should a 15 month old drink?

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Lisa229 Mon 06-Oct-08 13:40:27

DD2 is 15 months old and has morning milk in a soft spout beaker. She only probably has 2-3 oz. At night she was having 6-8 ozs in a bottle but the last few nights I have put this milk into the beaker. She nows only drinks 4-5 ozs if that. I still offer afternoon milk occasionally too though again seems to be hit and miss. Is this normal as I'm sure DD1 was still have a good 5-6 ozs at morning and night. Should I give the bedtime milk in the bottle again? I am just worried she is not getting enough and will wake up earlier hungry or have they grown out of that now? Currently bed at 7ish and wakes 6.30-7ish.

What is yr little one drinking?


Seona1973 Mon 06-Oct-08 13:53:49

at that age ds had 2 drinks of milk from a lidded cup - maybe 4/5oz in the am and 6/7oz in the pm. If you have only just started offering the milk in the beaker at night then you may find she starts to take a bit more as she gets more used to it. From 1 year the minimum recommended is 350mls (approx 12oz) but this doesnt all have to be in drink form. Milk with cereal, in foods, and other dairy products all count towards this total. If your lo is taking plenty of solid foods and has a good dinner followed by pudding (if you give one) then I wouldnt have thought that a few less ounces of milk would make a difference to her sleep.

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