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"Please don't hit me Mummy" - DS favourite catchphrase despite never being hit - help!

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Weegle Mon 06-Oct-08 09:01:06

DS is 2.4, and at least once a day he says, totally out of the blue "Please don't hit me mummy". Or even more frequently "Don't shout at me Mummy". I have never hit him, and apart from one very bad day about 3 weeks ago I am not a shouter. I'm getting really worried in case he comes out with this at nursery, or at pre-school which he starts in a few weeks. Where on earth is it coming from??? How can I stop it? So far I just ignore the hitting one, and the shouting one I say "no I won't shout at you" because if you ignore that one he keeps saying it over and over and over until you acknowledge it. He's done it occasionally with DH but nothing like as frequently.

Gills36 Wed 15-Oct-08 21:30:07

Late to this I know, but reminds me of some crackers my son came out with. "Don't push me down the stairs mummy" and my personal favourite "don't throw me down the toilet". Both of which he came out with at a packed toddler group!!

macaco Thu 16-Oct-08 09:57:22

I've read that at a certain age (can't remember which) they understand they've been hurt, from example, falling over but don't understand what's happened so believe "someone did it". So, for example they have conjunctivitis, you ask, what happened and they say daddy poked me in the eye. In their heads their eye hurts so someone must hvae done it.
sorry bit garbled.

hammouhouseofhorror Thu 16-Oct-08 10:19:53

Got stressed about my DS saying it for a while and then started saying "you know I only whip you and then lock you in the chokey" ( from Dahls Mathilda film/book). Or "and then I'll throw you in the pond...." with a little smile. It is a bit of a standing joke now.

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