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No idea where to put this... DS keeps rolling out of covers and waking?

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mamadiva Sun 05-Oct-08 00:06:41

DS is 2.3YO, he's a terrible sleeper still wakes up at least once a night but recently has been waking up more because he's rolling out from under his covers. Might sound strange but si a right PITA as DS and myself don't deal with central heating very well as when it is on for a long period of time we both develop a wheeze so that's kind of out the window.

All the windows are shut, doors are closed, He wears full length Pj's and we tuck the quilt and a fllece blanket over him and under each sode of his mattress.

Has anyone else came across this and is there anything you can suggest to keep him warm and in his covers?

avenanap Sun 05-Oct-08 00:07:28

Sleeping bag.

BoysAreLikeDogs Sun 05-Oct-08 00:32:03

As avenap says, try a sleeping bag.

He is still quite short so why not turn his duvet, drape it lengthways across the width of the bed, and tuck in the long ends.


cornsilk Sun 05-Oct-08 00:34:14

I used to but those fleecy sleepsuits for my ds's so they stayed warm even when they rolled out of the covers.

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