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DD 11rs old keeps pinching my nightwear to cuddle to go to sleep

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christywhisty Thu 02-Oct-08 23:40:46

She has done this since she has been old enough to go and get it herself. Tonight I have just gone in my bedroom and she has pinched my quilt as well!

Does anyones elses DC's ever do this and when did they grow out of it!

bubblagirl Fri 03-Oct-08 15:27:36

i did this it wasa comfort to small my mum used to love it last thing at night and first thing in the morning was just so relaxing its just like having a comfort blanket

i do this with my ds sometimes to try and settle him in his room put my spray on his pillow few hours before bed or one of my tops beside his pillow on the hopes he may feel settled and secure by it

bubblagirl Fri 03-Oct-08 15:28:27

i did grow out of it but would probably still do it i cudle dp tops when hgis not home working away as comfort of smelling him close so maybe i havent really grown out of it just move don from my mum lol

christywhisty Fri 03-Oct-08 20:16:44

It's definitely a smell thing as it's always the ones I have been wearing.

ScottishMummy Fri 03-Oct-08 20:34:27

i think it is a comforting and v sweet thing, she loves mummy and mummy smell

before we lived together when my dp left his t shirt at my flat i used to cuddle it

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