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Is she really still hungry?? and any ideas for a tooth-friendly evening snack?

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Maenad Thu 02-Oct-08 19:55:34

Lately my DD (3.9) has been inisting that she is hungry when she has been put to bed, and demanding an apple. This evening, she had supper at 5.15, consisting of a lamb chop, mashed potato, broccoli and carrots, followed by one yogurt and two helpings of strawberries and cream. I put her to bed at 7.

I was surprised by the amount she ate at suppertime - I kept saying 'have you had enough?' and she would say 'No!' and ask for yet another pudding. So I wonder whether she's going through a growth spurt or something...... or whether the demands for bedtime apples are just a stalling device. I am expecting a baby in a week or so, so just wondered whether it might be connected.

She gets very upset if I try and say she can't possibly still be hungry. And this evening I left her to eat her apple on her own, just in case she was only angling for more company.

So I suppose she probably is actually that hungry... does anyone have any idea? And if I am going to give her something to eat after she's gone to bed, can anyone suggest something better than an apple? I've been getting her to have a swill round with water afterwards, but am not very comfortable if this is going to become a regular occurrence.

Sorry this is rather long - but any suggestions welcome!

girliefriend Thu 02-Oct-08 20:11:31


dreamteamgirl Sat 04-Oct-08 16:57:35

How did it work out with leaving her to it? Do you think it was just company?

She may just be growing, smetimes they can put away amazing amounts, but as long as you keep it to good food I reckon you will be ok

Lazycow Sat 04-Oct-08 17:04:24

ds (3.8 yrs) did this on and off for a while and it was generally a combination of being hungry sometimes and sometimes just trying to put off bedtime.

We allowed bread and butter only and he was happy to have this. I could usually tell if he was geniunely hungry because when I gave him the bread he would either take ages to eat it, nibbling really slowly or he would eat it enthusiastically. The latter was hunger the former 'putting off bedtime'

I would always give him the bread and butter if he said he was hungry. I'd give him a small quarter of a slice and dependant on how he ate that I'd decide whether he could have more. He doesn't really do this much any more.

Pheebe Sat 04-Oct-08 17:39:44

Perhaps start giving a small supper before she goes up to bed. Glass of milk and slice of toast or bowl of cereal, then brush teeth then off to bed. Personally I wouldn't allow her to eat once she's actually IN bed. Incidentally, DS1 has just turned 4 and has hollow legs at the moment and complains of being hungry literally within minutes of finishing a meal. We offer loads of fruit, carrot sticks, youghurty raisins, milk, milkshake etc. If he wants it we figure he is hungry if not he's just being greedy grin

elmoandella Sat 04-Oct-08 17:52:45

we always have "supper" as we call it, a snack just before bed. about 7pm. either cereal/bread/toast/yoghurt.

generally not fruit or any treat type thing as tends to keep ds up. dd is still getting dreamfeed so doesn't get snack yet.

teeth get brushed after supper. just before pee, just before bed.

lizziemun Sat 04-Oct-08 18:52:32

DD1 started having a glass of warm milk again at about the same age.

I would try as others have said try giving milk and toast for a couple of days to see how she goes.

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