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my toddler won't go to sleep without crying

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cappy1 Thu 02-Oct-08 15:35:40

Hi Mums

My ds is 18 months and after months of using the no-cry sleep solution techniques I finally got him to fall asleep in his own after I had left the room. But about 6 weeks after starting nursery it has gradually started to get more difficult to get him to sleep at night and for a nap during the day. Is this a common thing that toddlers do? I have some friends whos toddlers are now waking up at night - horror of all horrors!

Do I need to start sleep training all over again?

sarahsmummy Thu 02-Oct-08 21:06:23

bumping for you - sorry I can't help, but hopefully someone else can

eviz Thu 02-Oct-08 21:11:13

What is the no-cry sleep solution?
How did you get DS to sleep previously?
Does he sleep at nursery? If so.. how do they achieve it?
Do you mean full-scale crying or just having a whinge?
We bought an infra-red camera monitor (£99 at maplin about a year ago) - was a lifesaver as we could see whether she was lying down and grizzling off to sleep, or standing up and really objecting.
Nursery can be unsettling. It sounds like early days too..

cappy1 Thu 02-Oct-08 22:08:49

The no-cry sleep solution is a book - slowly moving the chair out of the room closer to the door night after night that kind if thing.

I used to bf him to sleep before finally getting him to go to sleep alone through sitting in the room and then moving closer to the door night after night until I was able to leave the room completely. This is how he was sleeping when he started nursery At nursery they used to put him down without any help getting to sleep but a few months ago they siad he started standing up in his cot so they started to rock him to sleep. This is when he started to have problems going to sleep at home. He always does full-scale screaming! I find it so hard to listen to him crying it drives me crazy.

Yes I do think he is going through a period of adjusting - so yes early days - thanks

cappy1 Fri 03-Oct-08 14:26:27

bumping does anyone have advice??

luvaduck Fri 03-Oct-08 14:31:47

is he only taking one nap or still on two?

sounds like it might be nursery though - v annoying for you after all that hard work

cappy1 Fri 03-Oct-08 15:21:13

Hi luvaduck

He is on one nap

Yes the nursery is the problem I think too I asked them to leave him to go to sleep on his own but they said that because there are other children if he cried a bit or sings that he will stop them from going to sleep also they cannot leave them alone as there has to be a worker in the room watching them

cappy1 Mon 06-Oct-08 15:05:12

another bump - is this so normal that is why no-one is offering advice? wink

ilovetochat Mon 06-Oct-08 15:10:28

dd is 15 months and has started waking every night and crying and sometimes won't go back to sleep for an hour, we are exhausted. It also takes ages to settle her for a nap even though she is tired and asks for her cot.

cappy1 Mon 06-Oct-08 15:23:23

Gosh that sounds hard - why do they fight the tiredness? I have been reaing book called todler taming which explains this behaviour very well. Although I am sure you need sleep rather than a book right now!

Waspie Mon 06-Oct-08 16:48:02

ilovetochat - your dd sounds like my ds. He is almost 11mo and just this last week has decided to wake every night for at least 90 minutes. Last night he was awake from 12.30 until almost 3am and then awake again just before 6am. I'm exhausted!

He was previously a very good sleeper and doesn't appear to have teething problems and nothing has changed in our routine to cause this. I just don't know what to do He isn't even really upset when he cries, I think it's just boredom and he wants company. He is very tired but just refuses to let himself go back to sleep.

I admit that I have resorted to bringing him into bed with me but that just means that I get no sleep at all for fear he's going to roll out of bed if I go to sleep.

Waspie Mon 06-Oct-08 16:52:19

p.s. Sorry Cappy, I didn't answer your question, but I just don't have an answer. My brain is a mess of sleepless fog at the moment wink

cappy1 Mon 06-Oct-08 16:55:28

thats ok waspie I totally understand - sleep deprivation is a killer!

snickersnack Mon 06-Oct-08 19:54:37

ds has always cried before going to sleep. Sometimes it's a minute of gentle grizzling, sometimes it's full on crying for 20 minutes. Always. He's NEVER been rocked/held to sleep, has always gone into his cot awake, and we've never left him to cry. Always been popping in and out, stroking his head etc etc. I now just assume it's normal.

ilovetochat Tue 07-Oct-08 19:38:34

i think dd is very active during the day and it is overspilling into the night, her mind is too busy to sleep properly, sometimes she lies in her cot saying all her words over and over louder and louder and thats in the night.

cappy1 Tue 07-Oct-08 23:32:27

OOOOh gosh some of the stories are starting to make me feel glad that ds is not waking during the night.

However, he has now developed a cough and is coughing away after he finally goes to sleep - oh what joy

So now I am up and down the stairs checking on him, giving him olbas oil, sips of water , cough mixture...

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