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DC number 2 - day routine out the window!

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Shylily Thu 02-Oct-08 14:22:45

Prewarning: just realied I've rambled on and on so I tried to summarise at the end!

Would love some advice/opinions on what to do about day sleep for DD. She's 11 weeks old and younger sister to DS 22months.
DD is really chilled. She'll sleep in the baby carrier, pram or the car and will stay completely conked out in a playgroup with 40 kids running around.
The problem comes when I want to be in the house and actually have her sleep for longer than 45 minutes and in her cot.
By this stage DS was having 2 x 2hour sleeps in his cot (or someone else's cot) but the downside was that he screamed like a banshee in the car!)
Anyhoo, at night DD will settle herself to sleep and 1 out of every 4 day sleeps she'll settle herself. For the rest of the time, she likes to be cuddled or walked to sleep. Rambling now ... so
1. She's only able to stay awake for about 1 hour 15mins before needing a nap.
2. She's only napping for 45 mins at a time.
3. She starts bellowing as I put her in her sleepingbag so I can't even lie her down at most nap times until she's well on the way to being asleep.
4. At the second 45 mintue nap she obviously needs a second 45 mins cause she wakes up grumpy, cries then catnaps on me or goes back down once asleep.
Do I just let her do her thing and thank my lucky stars that she's so flexible otherwise?
Do I try to start some kind of regime? (I got the Gina Ford book out of the library and besides laughing my socks off at some of the language in it, DD doesn't stay awake long enough to do most of the routine anyway).

girliefriend Thu 02-Oct-08 20:10:08

yes relax! She sounds pretty good for 11 weeks! To encourage a longer afternoon nap I would make sure it is very dark in her room, swaddle her if poss, don't rush in the moment she wakes up - if you leave her 5 - 10 mins she might surprise you and go back to sleep! a dummy might help her self soothe to sleep. And don't worry at this age their sleeps cycles are short - they do get longer! Good luck XxX

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