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Please tell me why my almost 10 year old can't look before he crosses the road before I blow a gasket.....

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KerryMum Wed 01-Oct-08 15:14:13

It's is doing my head in.

I decided to give him a bit of freedom and responsibility and let him walk up the road from school to where I was parked around corner (only parking). Before this year I went down to get him and walked with him.

So far he has managed to almost get run over (granted by an idiot that was using firestation entrance to turn her car around) and now again today I watch as he crosses the road to me without looking either way ONCE. Even though I'm TELLING him out the window to do so. angry


I mean he's almost 10 ffs.

He doesn't even look up here on our estate. It's a small cul de sac and cars are always zipping around and you can't see the kids playing because of cars parked on the raod. He's always just darting cross the road without looking.

I mean ffs.

What can I do?

KerryMum Wed 01-Oct-08 15:26:31

AIBU to think that a 10 year old should know to look before he crosses the road?


he is just so feckin thick sometimes. I don't know what to do with him. He has no common sense whatsoever despite being so smart academically. sad

oeufflorentine Wed 01-Oct-08 18:15:12

Sounds like he's not quite ready yet.

christywhisty Wed 01-Oct-08 19:13:56

I read somewhere once that children don't get road sense until about 11, so he probably hadn't got it yet.

UnfortunatelyMe Wed 01-Oct-08 19:14:58

The safest thing would be to delay his fredom till he DOES look.

noonki Wed 01-Oct-08 19:35:41

We always tell my DSS to remember that he is invisible to cars

and do a lot of road crossing with him, get him to walk with you and every road you come to get him to decide where to cross, when to cross etc and then discuss problems and solultions

tell him until he has safety crossed a set number of roads he is not allowed to cross on his own

then when he does it tell him that if you spot him crossing dangerously he will have to stop going out on his own until he does it all again

it takes a few months to sink in,

and you need to keep reminding them (when in the car point out how hard it is to see people especially at dusk/night time)

KerryMum Wed 01-Oct-08 20:32:30

that is good advice noonki.

I think I was rather upset with him today and told him tomorrow I was collecting him at the door of the school with a PRAM for him to sit in.


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