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Help im about to lose the plott

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sheena1 Wed 01-Oct-08 14:15:48

Hi My dd who is 2.5 has became a monster seriously . when my ds was born she was great always wanting to help with him and look after mummy but now he is 7months and starting to move about she hates him punching him kicking him and even attempting to throw him across the room he isnt a small baby hes in 12-18mnths clothes so quite heavy she even wrecks my house if she doesn't get her own way and trys to attck me she has been going to nursery since june so she is interacting with other kids i have tried naughty step but that became a game to her then sending her to her room also a reward sheet with no success i give them both equal attention and spend time with her on her own she also hates the fact i have just went back to work but she is a angel for her dad behaves even helps tidy up and play with her brother this has really got to me andi feel completely useless

can anyone help with some advice on how to control her behaviour i really dont know what to do i have tried to ignore it but that makes her worse i do understand she is only a baby but she understands everything else so she quite a clever wee thing

HonoriaGlossop Wed 01-Oct-08 14:38:39

She is letting off steam with you because you are mum and she knows that she is safe to do so. That's why dad gets the better behaviour etc.

Young sibling, nursery, you at work; she is processing an AWFUL lot of stuff. Toddlers want the world to revolve around them so when it doesn't it is a daily struggle for them to cope!

I think there's no magic way of stopping her being like this, just be very very consistent in your consequences for really bad stuff; time out in her room sounds fine to me for hitting, etc. Agree that the naughty step not a good idea.

I'd try to build her bond with her DB by talking in glowing terms about her - how the baby LOVES her, she can make him smile, he wants to play with her most etc. But don't make it a big pressure for her to love him or even like him. That's expecting too much right now IMO!

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