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3 yr old behaviour changed since starting new nursery..?!

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Jspice Tue 30-Sep-08 15:06:21

I hope someone there can give me some advice, my daughter has just turned 3 and has been going to nursery since she was 18mths old. She used to do 2 mornings for 2 hours until she was 2 1/2 then we switched nurseries and she started to go 3 mornings for 3 hours. She settled into both nurseries really well and I noticed her behaviour came on leaps and bounds when she went to the second one! Then we moved her to another new nursery this September as its linked to the school she is due to attend next Year, the first week was fine she even said she loved her new nursery then halfway in the second week she started to freak out..She said she didnt want to go anymore and each day has been more difficult to get her dressed and out of the house without a tantrum..Her behaviour at home has also changed there are more tantrums, she shouts at me and hits me this just an adjustment phase? or an age phase?..I am also 7 months pregnant and my daughter seems really excited about the new baby coming she loves babies - still this behaviour is wearing me down...pls help ?

georgiemum Tue 30-Sep-08 15:09:41

Does she say why she doesn't want to go?

It sounds normal to me - they are fine for the first week or so then..... She is also probably missing old friends, adjusting to a new routine and could be a little aprehensive about the new baby coming.

Tell the school about your concerns - one day she will just bound into the class and tell you to go home.

Jspice Tue 30-Sep-08 18:49:41

She says she doesnt want to go as she doesnt have any friends and there are a couple of older boys there she says she is scared of but when i asked her if they had pushed her or anything she said no just the teacher is cross with them when they are naughty....she has started to find a couple of friends now so hopefully it will get better in a couple of weeks..thks for yr reply

georgiemum Wed 01-Oct-08 13:47:01

Hope she is feeling a bit happier. She is probably missing old friends from last nursery - is it possible to have some play dates with them? Or maybe there are some classes (like ballet) that some of the other kids go to that she can join.

My DS's best friend went through a really rough patch when he had to stay in nursery for another year because his birthday just fell after the cut off. He was really upset, didn't want to play with the other kids or go to school at all. He slowly began to make friends and kept in touch with his other friends too, so ther was a consistency there. Maybe she feels a little 'lost' - I am assuming that some of the kids were together last year so she probably feels a little of an 'outsider'. Maybe the new school is larger and the kids mix more with the older ones and she's just not used to it.

Fingers crossed she'll be fine... No - SHE WILL BE FINE! it's all part of growing up I suppose.

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